Bodyboarding can often be full of surprises, this is one session where we didn’t expect too much but actually ended having one of the better sessions of the year.

Traveled down to this excluded spot with Saltash Bodyboarder Aaron Dinham, on arrival we met with Sections Ben Howard and rider Eldred Hawke. We walked down to check it and the conditions where good! 3ft plus wedges with some nice air sections and surprisingly quiet line-up. It is always tricky to forecast the condition for this place as the swell can easily be too big for it or not the right swell direction to get into the bay.

I made the choice to document the session from land, it’s a place I don’t enjoy shooting from water much, especially after an episode a few years ago where I had to be air rescued in rough sea’s there. Saying that land shooting is perfect as you can get good elevation on the cliff and as the wedge angles straight towards you, you can get some spectacular aerial pictures of riders.

Once set up, the session started with Aaron Dinham, Eldred Hawke and another guy who unfortunately names currently eludes me but was really charging at the time all trading some great waves.

As the afternoon went on people started to arrive including Damian Prisk who seemed to have a certain connection to the conditions and had two of the best waves I saw from the trip.  The first was a fast drop along a glassy smooth wave face towards a wedge before punching the lip and throwing the best reverse I have ever seen in real life and certainly in the UK. He had another wave which dredged into a massive barrel which really stood out to me and made for a great photograph.

Asides from Damian Prisk, Aaron Dinham was another rider who was performing at a high level launching some big invert and spins. Laurie McCall was getting some decent waves on the drop knee too.  Loads of riders where charging and it was difficult to keep up with all the action at times. It got busier as the session went on until we were surfed out and decided to call it a day before the long drive home.

I had to hold back on a few of the best pictures for print but below I have included some of the other pictures I took. Hope to be able to show the full gallery soon. More of my work at www.mattstansfieldsurfphotography.co.uk


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