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Discussion in 'Bodyboarding Chat' started by bellyboarder, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. Matt CR0

    Matt CR0 New Member

    I'm Matt from Croydon.
    I started bodyboarding as child on my grandads wooden sheet of ply when on holiday in the south west.
    After a couple of polystyrene and foam bords I got a Mach 5 and some manta fins.
    My favourite beach is Harlyn Bay but Croyde, Woolacombe and St Ives hold good memories for me.
    I lived in the Gold Coast for a year at surfers paradise, where I boarded every day it was possible.
    The pinnacle of my boarding experiences was a couple of sessions at Snapper Rocks in 2013.
    Since then I have boarded only once. A chance Sunday at Harlyn where conditions were good.

    I've joined this group with the hope of having a board with somebody.
    The weather has been bad recently and I'm hopeing that there may be some half decent waves this weekend between Brighton and Portsmouth. I would head down the witterings or hayling island, but any advice would be good.

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