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Discussion in 'Bodyboarding Chat' started by bellyboarder, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. bellyboarder

    bellyboarder Pro Rider

    theres alot of new ppl on here now so who r u ????

    im chris levi


    from st austell
  2. sponge

    sponge Local Charger

    Jordan Long

    bbing for nearly almost a year.

    from roskrow, near falmouth
  3. cornwallcountycouncil

    cornwallcountycouncil Hand Dragger

    jason ,

    from newquay , bodyboarding longer than levi , and still crap .
  4. Kieran

    Kieran Local Charger

    Kieran Staff,

    not been bodyboarding seriously that long, but im hooked.

    From St. Austell too

    I have seen you before levi but you dont know hu i am, i reconised you in town from one of the vids!
  5. oldskool rider

    oldskool rider Hand Dragger


    iam sam 14 frm nr chasewater lol

    been bodyboardin 4 bout 4 yrs now
  6. young ripper

    young ripper Local Charger

    im Joe 14 from truro

    been bodyboarding for ages bt only properly 4 like 5 years
  7. spongerJoe

    spongerJoe Underground Ripper

    Well im Joe too! crazy, erm, iv been bodyboarding about 2 years and in 15, from the beasting village of Wembury on the south devon/cornwall border
  8. PapaWoolacombe

    PapaWoolacombe Super Moderator

    Well for thoese that don't know...

    I'm Toby from Somerset/devon boarder... usually living in North Devon or North Wales.. North Wales right now...

    I'm a bit drunk right now and i use too many full stoppeds....
  9. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    I'm Matt live in St Stephen between St Austell and Newquay been bodyboarding 11 years and run this site!
  10. danwestoz

    danwestoz Hand Dragger

    im Dan sture, born rochester kent, moved to oz in 90, been riding the boogs for 14 years, run the mindarie bodyboarding association, moderator on bodyboardingwa.com.

    and who are you??
  11. RussB

    RussB Underground Ripper

    I'm Russ. I live in Cardiff. Used to live in Plymouth for a few years. Been bodyboarding for about 11 years.
  12. mrmorley

    mrmorley Underground Ripper

    I'm Chris and I've been riding the biscuit for about 9 years. From Sticker, now slumming it in St Austell- still it's gotta be better than St Stephens (you need a stab-jacket to go to the shops).

    I have a bright yellow golf gti, so if you see me at the beach, feel free to give me some abuse
  13. TBass.

    TBass. Local Charger

    im sam,

    and i like to do the cha cha.
  14. millhouse

    millhouse Hand Dragger

    hi im phil, 22, from ashton near porthlevan, and ive been bbing 6 yrs...

    ...im seeking a kindrid-spirited, generous-minded gentlemen for fun and maybe more!
  15. dense_hayle

    dense_hayle El Floppo King

    How you doin?


    A tall well-built woman with good

    reputation, who can cook frogs

    legs, who appreciates a good fuc-

    schia garden, classical music and tal-

    king without getting to serious

    but please only read lines 1,3 and 5.

    Im mark 23 aka dense, from Hayle have been bboarding to long.

    easy to spot me as im the only sponger who makes the dawn patrol

    at godrevy on a regular basis.
  16. jamesp

    jamesp Grom

    hi im originally from dorset but now live in guildford cos i'm a trainee lawyer.

    i touch myself whilst listening to peter gabriels 'war without frontiers,'

    i surf on average about 5 times a year in this country. but my favourite breaks ever are in wales and also padang padang and 3d's in ireland.

    just bought heretic-love it, high standard of bodyboarding showcased.

    p.s who is shorty? he's realy good and mike insley is also really underrated!

    one minute i'll sleep rough for 3 weeks in france the next minute i'll pretend to eastern european girls that i'm a pilot-adaptability!
  17. Fellsy

    Fellsy Local Charger

    Im Fells, im gay.
  18. young ripper

    young ripper Local Charger

    wow no way ur name is joe 2??? fkn crazy
  19. Ads

    Ads El Floppo King

    I'm me baby....
  20. bgarthp

    bgarthp Pro Rider

    Ben Pascoe,

    From Wembury/Plymouth, but did some time in Swansea Uni',

    been bodyboarding for a long time,

    I drive a pink VW Polo which is about to die, if you see it on the hard shoulder, please give me a lift to the beach.

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