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Discussion in 'How To...' started by timthepig, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. timthepig

    timthepig Grom

    I'd like to go bodyboarding on my own. But I have a dilemma.

    I don't drive. So I will need to grab a train to Barnstaple, Newquay or Port Talbot (From Bristol). But of course, where do i put my personal belongings (clothes) while in the surf.

    Or is this a no goer unless my buddies are driving down or have some accomodation nearby?

    It would be nice just pop down in the surf for the day.

    I have a bulldog leash with a key pocket and just ordered an aquapac as I will be going on a few trips/holidays this year and will need to carry some necessary items.
  2. Badlands

    Badlands Grom

    hey dude.

    I've had this problem whilst using the bus as well.

    To be honest the best thing I've found is to just take a dead cheap mobile and clothes that no one would bother nicking.

    Then just hide the bag ;)
  3. kev2o

    kev2o Local Charger

    I've had this problem too, been without a car since last oct, so been busing it to the beach. I put my bag with my clothes etc, somewhere l can see it from the line-up, usually on top of a big rock(stops a dog having a sniff and then pissing on your gear :rolleyes: ) I've only got an old phone, which l remove the sim card and put it in an aqaupac inside my wettie along with my bank card, cash etc. Leave your wallet and other valueable stuff, nice clothes etc at home.
  4. timthepig

    timthepig Grom

    Thanks for the advice.

    This works for me definitely. Worst case scenario, Bodyboard bag and shit clothes go missing and of course a journey home in a wetsuit.

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