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    Wonder if anyone has any thoughts on where is the best place for bodyboarding in August? (Stuck with Summer hols :( ) Usually do Hossegor area but fancied a change. Any other areas equally surf-friendly + accessible + not too hot? Monster surf not required ...Thanks for any advice.
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  3. In Portugal, typically in the last 10 days of August it coincides with some big tides and usually you will get 2 or 3 days of SE winds which usually turns offshore which associated with the bigger tides makes up for some good surfing. You won't be able to avoid the heat but it will be good surf.

    There's also the Northwest of Spain, Galicia, which has some amazing breaks and it is not too hot, the weather is very similar to England in many ways. You can check out Patin or Doninos which are world famous breaks. If you get a car you can drive around and maybe even pop into Portugal. From the north coast of Galicia to let's say Nazaré (which in the summer has a lot smaller waves) it is only a 3 to 4 hour drive.

    Hope this helps and happy "hunting"
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    I would recommend either Lahinch area of west coast of Eire, Portugal either Silver Coast, Ericeria to Nazare or south west corner around Sagres or cross the Spanish border just down from Hossegor around the San Sebastian area. All 3 are more chilled, cheaper and offer a wider range of break types i.e. reef, shore etc than Hossegor. Canaries is always a good shout but find it choker with Brits being twits and heavy locals in the summer. Might be better off as I do using half terms for booger missions as doing Peniche in February and then Morocco in October with plenty of Kernow time in the summer for dawnies and evenings.

    Hope this helps and wish you a great trip wherever you decide to go.


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