whats yor outher hobbies

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by gowersponger, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. chappell

    chappell Hand Dragger

    No, pineapple pop up! Had been spoding for few day so guess lots of small bait fish had drawn pikes attention, and the bright bait wafting about managed to tempt it?

    I use centre pin for stalking carp sometimes, great fun, will defo have crack at barbel one day, think my closest river containing them is the wye.

    Ah mountain biking, I am thick. Few mates of mine well in to it, seen their footage and way to mental! Hurtling down a mountain full of big hard trees and rocks, asking for trouble! :eek:
  2. Sunil Medapati

    Sunil Medapati New Member

    Playing football, reading books

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