whats yor outher hobbies

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by gowersponger, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. gowersponger

    gowersponger Local Charger

    what do you get up to when there is no surf what keeps ya bizy when its flat??? i like to do a bit of sea fishing caught some big bass round gower this summer.like to think iam the king at darts to and darts aint the same without a good few drinks;) just got in to makeing catapults sold a few hopeing to sell some on ebay near xmas time for peoples presents lol. i like the airgun and catapult shooting. mountain bikeing now and then. been trying to look for a adult offroad jumping scooter on the net cant find em no where ,,a two wheeld push scooter like the kids av but a beefy adult one i see people jumping them on 6ft trails on a bmx vid years ago and always fancyd one.

    just thinking about a long sk8 board or a off road sk8 board to:cool:iam 25 and sometimes think am i to old for this sort of shit then i sit back and think naaa:rolleyes:
  2. PapaWoolacombe

    PapaWoolacombe Super Moderator

    This last year or so its been spear fishing! :D
  3. gowersponger

    gowersponger Local Charger

    do you shoot the spears through a bow or do u use a hand spear i no a man that spikes the flatfish with 1 of those things the farmers pick up hay with
  4. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    I do disco at an eskimo/inuit night club.

    Its called Club-Seal.

  5. Plugus Maximus

    Plugus Maximus Underground Ripper

    HAhaha ... quick eskimo joke:

    An Eskimo is driving when his car starts to make a noise. He takes it to the garage and the mechanic looks at it. "Hmm, looks like you've blown a seal."

    "No," says the Eskimo, "it's just frost on my lip."

    My big thang is underwater hockey. Been doing that for 19 years! I fricking love it and I'll be off to Porto next year for a 24hour endurance tournament. It's a sport I reckon just about all bodyboarders would be natural at! There's some good teams in the southwest ... and after all you can't sponge at night! It's a damn fast, agressive sport played breatholding on the bottom of a pool. It'll improve your finning technique, improve your stamina and breath holding, increase your confidence in being underwater while low on breath and it's social!

    Other hobbies I do when I can fit them in are mountain biking, indoor bouldering and teaching myself the didj. I used to kite landboard in a fairly big way and I'm always up for mad adventure/outdoor/extreme sports. I'm just so fricking busy I don't get much time to myself.
  6. CymruGirl

    CymruGirl Hand Dragger

    I love sailing. I'm currently crewing on a race yacht out of Cardiff Bay in the Bristol Channel. Its brilliant fun, very scary, very tactical and very wet !!!!. Just been looking at the forecast for this weekend and I'm fairly sure I'm gonna end up soaking again. I love music, not really a hobby but how I pass time. And my secret passion is a Saturday night in front of X-Factor - don't roll your eyes, there is 16 million other people do it as well !!!! :p
  7. spongebob

    spongebob Underground Ripper

    x-factor finally paid dividends with Cheryl Coles outfit. :p


    what do I do when not riding waves is watching them or checking the forecast for the next session or watching booger dvd's or wasting innordinate time on the internet playing youriding or anything BB related. While listening to Spotify.
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  8. gowersponger

    gowersponger Local Charger

    got some good things comeing up now guys the the under water hocky sounds prety mad ? wat sort of stick do ya use i used to play roller hockey for kent. a girl crewing a boat sounds scary lol;). forgot to mention i do a bit of ghost hunting to with a pendulem got some mad footage at graig y nos castle last month:eek: had some good stuff happen on the ouija board to. ps

    dj in a eskimo club wtf is the gaff made of ice or something lol
  9. PapaWoolacombe

    PapaWoolacombe Super Moderator

    Its a spear gun yeah. You'd be lucky to get flatties rounder with just a stick!
  10. Plugus Maximus

    Plugus Maximus Underground Ripper

  11. PapaWoolacombe

    PapaWoolacombe Super Moderator

  12. Plugus Maximus

    Plugus Maximus Underground Ripper

    It's also known as Octopush. Despite the fact there's 6 players in the water and 4 subs.
  13. gowersponger

    gowersponger Local Charger

    fair play looks fun and good way to keep fit ,do ya wear ya speedos on the sponge in the summer:eek:. ,, bet you would be good at lobster diveing get good money for them to.
  14. CymruGirl

    CymruGirl Hand Dragger

    Oi !!! - what do you mean a girl crewing a boat is scary. :D Not half as scary as me driving a car. Once I get my Port and Starboard sorted I'll be doing just fine. The underwater hockey looks bonkers.
  15. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    Left / right on a boat ? Easy.

    Drink Port, fall over Starboard.

    As a spectator/cameraman to Plug's underwater sport I can report it is indeed a bit bonkers but very good for sponge training.

    It gets so fiesty fighting for the lead puck they wear a glove on the puck hand as cuts and damaged digits do occur.

    Long fins and tiny Scheepdos are the fashion which does look a bit ..well...Germans at the pool *ahem*

    Anyone who has seen Plug(Kev) on the break will indeed confirm he is by far the fastest man in the water and fish like in his abilities to catch waves.

    This can only mean his regular games of cock-to-push (jk:¬) have honed these skills.

    Do it and improve your sponge sesh's.
  16. PapaWoolacombe

    PapaWoolacombe Super Moderator

    thats the one!
  17. Plugus Maximus

    Plugus Maximus Underground Ripper

    You may mock the sport. You may mock the name. You may even mock our hats.





  18. neilc

    neilc El Floppo King

    PEEDO'S more like lol,

    I do downhill mountain biking but mines more surf when not riding as the sea is so far away for me, but when i eventually find a decent van i will hopefully down south more or even up north. As i am planning it will be cheaper camping in back of it.

    Just starting to get bigger balls with some jumps and wall rides etc, maybe this will trnasfer to water ie with wave size.
  19. gowersponger

    gowersponger Local Charger

    wat bike you got think if i ad to chose a downhill bike i would probs go for orange , ive just sold a kona that had mazooci bombers on it it was about 13 years old. best bike i ever had was a hoffman deebo used to be into bmx big time in my school days
  20. neilc

    neilc El Floppo King

    custom sx trail, and dmr exalt hardtail, but buying a full downhill bike second hand when i find what i want

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