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Discussion in 'How To...' started by stupha, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. stupha

    stupha Hand Dragger

    New to using wax, so looking for some tips.

    I've seen videos where the hole surface of the board is lightly waxed and where the front and tail are heavily waxed - and a few others that made less sense.

    So far in two attempts, I've not got it right and the board is still slipping out from under me when I don't want it to, particularly when trying to paddle with both arms. I should say I'm currently waist-challenged, so that might be a factor ;)

    Is this just a matter of trial and error to get the right wax in the right place for me?

    Will it build-up over time, and how do you get it off (assuming I might need to one day)?
  2. pyemaster

    pyemaster Guest

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    All you need to know in there mate, generally waxing should be on the nose of the board where your hands grip, under the front corners of the slick to give your fingers traction and where you elbows and forearms rest. A little spot on both rails/chine for your outside hand, and if it's a new board, you may need a light covering on the deck and hip areas, but only a light dusting to take the shine off it, or you will be too sticky to redistribute your weight in performing moves.

    Hope that helps.
  3. green802

    green802 Pro Rider


    you have a new board yes ?

    My new Base had a weird coating/film which when wet made it slippery like a Mackerall.

    From advise on here (Matt Mr KBB) I washed the board with a bit of mild washing up liquid.

    Then also gave the deck a nice gentle "facial scrub" at the beach with sea water and sand.

    This removed the newness of the deck but the logo's stayed..almost.

    Having done this it still took 2-3 sessions of waxing before it got a build up layer of wax which would actually stay on for more than one sesh'

    My first missions with one layer of wax were comical. I spent more time concentrating on trying not to slip off than actuall stay in the wave.

    Hope this helps.
  4. stupha

    stupha Hand Dragger

    Thanks guys. Glad it's not just me with the slip-slidey NMD Base ;)

    It's had a good scrub down and seems better already. See how it handles if I manage to get out tomorrow.
  5. Plugus Maximus

    Plugus Maximus Underground Ripper

    This vid used to be on youtube, but the users account has been closed. Found a new link and its the vid that gave me the knowledge I still use today.

    [ame=http://www.5min.com/video/how-to-wax-a-bodyboard-12177]How to Wax a Bodyboard Video[/ame]
  6. stupha

    stupha Hand Dragger

    That makes it real clear, thanks!

    Particularly liked the slipping hand demonstration ;)

    Interesting to see how much wax he put on the most important areas - I've been way too stingy, it seems.
  7. stupha

    stupha Hand Dragger

    Managed to brief splash this evening (despite high tide and naff waves - but hey, in the water is better than out), and the advice and that vid were a definite help, thank you!

    So the wax... is it special stuff for bodyboards, or just the same as surfboard wax?
  8. Plugus Maximus

    Plugus Maximus Underground Ripper

    Wax is wax. It's the same as surfboard wax. Just make sure you get something that A) is designed for cold water and B) smells fricking delicious. I recommend Famous as the most lovely smelling wax.... mmmmmmm ..... :rolleyes:
  9. stupha

    stupha Hand Dragger

    Oh great, now I have to become a wax perv, too... ;)
  10. weedkiller

    weedkiller Grom

    Not sure if it the done thing on bboards but for my surfboards I have a base layer of wax which is usually for Tropical climates so it is hard. The I stick the soft cold wax on top. Means you always keep a layere on.
  11. figmentsrc

    figmentsrc Grom

    Agh the smell of cocnut sex wax is in brain for ever.

    I could eat the stuff. I dont
  12. Purple sex wax stays on bettter than magma. Not tried any others yet.

    Anyone tried Oggy wax? I know it's expensive but it's locally made and I use so little I was thinking of trying it out.
  13. flake50

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    Flake50's comments smelling like spam to me. :eek:

    If not, my apologies!
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