Thinking of going to Morocco - any advice?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by thesurfingbuddha, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm thinking of going to Morocco, any advice on areas, times of year to go etc?

  2. Hey Buddha,

    I went out to Morocco for a couple of weeks in March and I can say it is defiantly worth a trip down, stayed with my brother around the Agadir area catching the buses out to Tagahzout region each day just cause we really didn’t like the vibe in Tagahzout and it was cheaper with more things to do in Agadir . There were waves every day for the two weeks with a lot of different spots ridden and Anchor point truly fired on the last couple of days we were there (see the attached pick) with some of the best waves I have ever seen in my travels. Morocco is well worth a trip out during the winter to make the most of the Atlantic swells.

    This site gives a good bit of general information around the surf around the Tagahzout area- Surf Maroc, Morocco a dream surfing destination

    Any more questions let me know.




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  3. 8adgerx

    8adgerx Grom

    Awesome photos

    I would be interested in going if anybody wants to go

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