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Discussion in 'International' started by green802, May 21, 2007.

  1. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    Been bitten so hard by this B-Boarding I booked a sponge...err I mean family holiday to Tenerife.

    Would just like to say thanks to

    The Norm

    Alex Allen



    for Tenerife tips and places to visit.

    Cheers to Rich Hall RJH and Bellyboarder aka Levi for all their B-board Guru answers to my bone-head questions.

    And thanks to Admin and all you KBB'rs on the forum. This site has guided me and kept me stoked in long landlocked spells.

    Fly out tomorrow with my new NMD Player..oh and the missus & groms for two weeks.

    Booked the hotel right next to the infamous Spanish Left. So up early to avoid fights with the locals and kooks.

    Will try and post some pics mid-hol.

    Green (like my B-board skills) 802
  2. Kaapie

    Kaapie El Floppo King

    Hey buddy, have a good one and let me know when you are back, we can hit the slop @ Boscombe.
  3. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    Been here 3 days and it was blown out big time.

    Today at 07:30 I got up for my Birthday Sponge.

    Whooo hooo.

    Wasn´t great surf bit cross shore but got some early morning runs in with a few sticks.

    Water ok..ish. You dont wince when going in but wished I brought a full wettie

    Start Small said RJH...hmmmmm Small here is scary here for me.

    Getting up every morning from now on early to beat the Zoo.

    Hope to post some pics soon.

    Gonna make the most of my B.day today.


    Adios Amigos

  4. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    Up early this morning, 07:00

    Waves much better and clean.

    Have learnt from a UK surf chick in the local surf shop I am surfing beach

    Fahtenya(spellink) if that means anything to those who've been here before.

    The trouble I´m having is:

    There´s lots of smaller quality waves (UK 'ish) closer in and I could get more runs in from them. But...the lava reef tends to make you wary of getting a cheese grating if you get rumbled.

    So I braving it with the big boys on the big stuff further out where its deeper.

    Caught some magic lefts and starting to get over that "OhmyGod!!! It's gonna kill me" panic as I actually start to bottom turn and see along the wave now. The rush is great..but hey you seasoned spongers know that.

    Got a second sponge of the day in the dying sun this evening picturesk it was. My missus let me loose as even she could see the waves were working. Thanks Honey :=)

    This time was outside the reef near Conquistador. Tide was out and that razor reef was not too deep for my liking.

    Caught my first big Right on a monster (for me) WHooooOOOooOoOOOooo

    RJH if you're reading this (and now not asleep) That Player realy holds in the wave.

    Met some realy friendly Sticks and Spongers here. The Vibe is great. I messed up a Spanish guys run, appologised and he was cool about it. Was only us out there so we took turns at catching waves. Everyone is chilled. Its a nice "Brother Sisterhood feeling"

    Every ones telling me " We should be getting better and bigger waves tomorrow". Holy COW! I cant even think about that now.

    I'm up early again tomorrow for my morning "ritual"

    Sorry to bore you but I'm on a rush.

    Adios Amigos,

  5. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    Pah !

    The surfer chick in the shop is a wave tease.

    I've got up both mornings now expecting "Grande Olas" and its just got flatter.

    Still it was cool to hang out with the "visitor surf crew" and a few friendly locals watching the sun rise. Good for the soul.

    Hiring a car today and off to Playa de la Socorro. Apparently its a beach break and Sponger heaven according to KBB'ers and the surf crew here.

    Hope to write something more sponge worthy here later.

    Adios Amigos

  6. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    Hired a car to Playa de Soccorro yesterday.

    The phrase "If I hadn't seen such riches I could live with being poor" struck me.

    Olas Grande !

    Nice big waves but a little on/cross shore. They were breaking left and right and mostly started to crumble or spuma as it pushed in.

    Before I got in I spoke to some locals in my pidgin Espanol. "Frio senior" they told me. Not for a Brit amigo. Water was lovely..well at least for an hour in a rasher and boardies.

    Tried my bl**dy hardest to catch these big waves (they were fast) and the Spanish local sponge crew could see I was realy trying for it. They took me under their wing and started pointing me which wave to take or where exactly to be.

    Despite the size of waves you had to be right in that power pocket. Caught mostly rights which I find more difficult (Sk-8 ) .

    A monster crumbbler came at us and the locals went to go under...I chose to have a go....Whoooooo.....eeee.e.......shhiiiitititiittttttt. Got a real fast take off flew for a while along the top and then got rollered and held down with the lease around my neck.

    "Loco" they told me.

    We said our good byes and exchanges handshakes.

    Its flat outside the hotel today so I´m glad I went.

    My missus was pi$$ed off that I stayed in so long.


    Adios Amigos.
  7. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    Yesterday was my finest hour for a big wave rookie.

    After traveling everywhere and having hopes dashed for big local waves, the surf finaly came to my front door in big (for me 5-6ft)med' speed sets.

    Bumped into the surf shop chick who kept teasing about waves"tomorrow".

    We battled out for 20 mins. At one point she didn't think she'd make it but in a lull made it halfway to the next island it seemed.

    In the next 70 mins I caught 7 big rights. Whhhhooooooo.....hoooooo.

    I now realy understand why everyone bangs on about getting perfect waves. The first three crumbled/closed out just after I started to get that look down the wave. I turned and enjoyed the speed to the shore but not too far.

    The next two were perfect. Managed to bottom turn, trim, tuck in, just get a bit of wave action then pop back over the lip so's not to be taken too far in.

    What a rush !

    The next few were ok but closed out ahead.

    Finaly I took a large big one to shore after it closed and sped in, caught a second on the roll right up to the reef edge. Total distance must of been about 100 meters.

    Another lesson for me was "Never sponge alone"(apart from safety).

    Surfer chick kept me stoked and whooping me up to catch the big waves and in the power pocket. I'm sure I'd of not had so much fun without the encouragement.

    Pics will follow when I get home.

    Not feeling like such an Uber-Kook now.

    Adios Amigos
  8. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    2:00 PM surf today on 3-4ft waves at Piscena (Swimming pool) Beach.

    Starting to catch regular waves and trimming out and tucking in. Was nice and deep so not worries about the reef.

    Kept away from the Zoo but every time I caught a big wave the Zoo came over and joined me. I let the locals go first in the line up but they kept missing the wave.Caught one and impressed them that this shiney headed looney toon Brit could surf. Hehhehehehe.

    Once again rode at least a 100m to the shore to end the sesh. Whhhhhooooooooooooo....reef!!!bbbbbail!

    Missus let me out again at 6:00pm. Tide had gone out revieling the nasty reefs I'd been flying over. Gulp.

    Caught some more but they closed out ahead. I was also on a Left/Right reef break. Got a bit confusing which way to set up.

    Once again the Zoo saw me catching regular waves and joined me. Two Italians and three local spongers. We all passed chat and looked after each other. Nice. Whistling when the next set was coming.

    One of the Italian guys whistled at me as I was paddling out. I didn't understand. No wave on the horizon. He then pointed behind me.

    Between the rocks were two VERY fit Spanish girlies getting "touchy feely" in just their bikini bottoms.

    If good wave news passes through the line up then this news passed faster. Suddenly it was a Zoo again.

    A Zoo of surfers and me daring to get as close to the reef as possible. The girls I think knew this and got us all a bit hot under the rasher vest from our sea view. BLIMUS!

    Consequently a clean up set supprisingly caught us all out and we all got mauled in the white wash. Hehehehehe.

    I'm up early again with the surf chick who I surfed with the other day.

    She's cool and stoked to surf. She know the breaks here realy well.

    Waters warmer now and the weather is hotting up.

    Adios Amigos
  9. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    June is definately hotter now than May was.

    Pool hotties have quadrupled therefore bare boob count has octopled. Hehehe

    Went out early 07:00 for an hour of poor waves. Waited for high tide at 15:00 but wasn't looking good.

    18:00 I bumped into a regular English (now living in Espania) sponger called Paul who hangs out at the surf shop in Las Americas.

    We went out and scored 4-5ft waves. I've realy got the knack now of getting on the wave. The break was a bit confusing is this going left or right?

    Took wave after wave after wave.Lost count of my wave score.

    Paul was DK only and had moved from a sponge to a stick and back to a NMD sponge as he prefers sponging.

    Once again sponging with a crew or a mate gives inspiration.He was good to watch for teqnique. So tried a bit of drop knee. Fell off, Fell off, got on...sank..got on...wave died.

    The locales here sponge with out leashes, fin savers and just a wettie. I've caused some questions as to why I wax my sponge and wear fin sox too.

    If you speak a bit of the lingo it helps alot and to cheer on the riders.

    Dalleee dalleee dalleeee is Go Go Go I now know. "K' Tell" is something like "Y'right" or "Ok?"

    I´m real confident now and will try harder at DK tomorrow waves depending.

    Have to say this holiday may have cost my soul to the bank manager but I´ve crammed a year of sponging into two weeks with great waves.

    Hope to score some more on Monday and maybe Tues before I come home.
  10. bellyboarder

    bellyboarder Pro Rider

    good to hear ;)
  11. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    Waves were poor all day yesterday.

    By 19:00hrs I' waited enough.

    Hanging out with a mix of nationalities I told them "For the UK we´d try this"

    The guy from NZ said he wouldn´t even bother to get out of the bar for what was there.

    So, me Lone Sponger battled the impact zone off the reef and put on the show. I felt I shoulda´shouted "Once more unto the breach dear friends..." or "For England, Harry and St George!" Hehehe

    The sesh could be described as a Japanese Banquet. Small portions but lots of them. I feel real confident now and have more "situational awareness" of where I am on the wave instead of just hurtling down holding on for a beating.

    Finished by zooming 100m again right up to the reef edge. I knew this ´cos my knee just grazed a rock.

    Got up early today again to no waves at all. Hung out with the surf Chick and her Demon Aus Stick surfer mate. A chill way to start the day.

    We´re packed but the board is on stand-by until six tonight...the bus comes at seven Hheheheheh.

    Hope I haven´t bored you all with this but my missus doesn´t understand the rush like spongers do.

    Adios Amigos.

  12. ilovebeatings

    ilovebeatings Local Charger

    I enjoyed that little read, good to see some stoke :) The internet seems so full of biching pussys, its so good to see some positive input.. saying that though, 99% of internet spongers are sound :)

    Lets see some pics then boss!!
  13. SK8-BizArrE

    SK8-BizArrE Underground Ripper

    I'm happy for him and jealous all at the same time :p
  14. green802

    green802 Pro Rider


    Not exactly sponge-tastic ala' Morley but you gotta remember when it was good I didn't take the camera to the break.

    Here is Piscena (spellink) or "Swimming pool" in Spanish just outside Hotel Conquistador, not far from my appartment and the K16 local surf shop.

    Was there when the moon was full, so nice super high tides to zoom over the lava reef. Had to watch out for the odd mis placed rock/reef at mids.



    Here are some pics of the Surf Chicks at K16 shop. Real ballsy go surf girls who helped me with my Spanish language and choice of breaks.

    This is Hanna who encouraged me to battle way out to the next island and catch the biggest waves I've done ever.


    And this is Lynn. A real demon on a stick and has lived there for 12 years or so. Her bloke Paul was a DK inspiration.


    I'll post the funny pics laters.








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  15. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    My waxed board and choice of fin sox made the locales interested for some reason. Probably cos I looked like a Kook. They didn't bother with board bags, leashes, wax or much realy. Just pure sponging.


    Some interesting places to shop.



    Last week in May I wore boardies with lycra underneath (bit nippy) and my Rhino winter rasher and sox. I lasted for about 90 mins in the early morning on no breakfast most days.

    First week in June however it did warm up consderably.

    Would however recomend a wettie as reef protection.

    Looking at a return in October when the winter waves get real big.

    Adios Amigos,





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  16. Kaapie

    Kaapie El Floppo King

    looks like you had a good trip mate, cool pics too.
  17. janner

    janner Hand Dragger

    Excellent read, sounds like you had an amazing time, i am thinking of going to the canary islands in jan or feb next year and would love to take the missus and have a trip similar to yours.

    Do you have any hints, tips or recommendations for sponging here.

    Take it easy
  18. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

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