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Discussion in 'Travel' started by janner, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. janner

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    Looking for any advice on taking a board abroad, i have a board bag and will most probably be flying, how much does it cost, how do you protect it from theft or damage? Or anything else relevant i may need to think about. Cheers
  2. The Silver Sponger

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    HI Janner

    When I take boards abroad by air the first thing to check is airline charges. I got stung for £200 to take 2 boards to Portugal last Autumn on TAP and they hadn't advertised the cost as the previous year they were free. I think BA are free but give em a ring to check. Different carriers have different prices based on a variety of sizes, weights etc so shop around for flights including carriage charges not simply fares.

    I pack a three board padded bag (BBHQ/Alder one or Sola one I've used but others on the market are good with two boards with a couple of pieces of cardboard on the outsides and my wettie between them. Remove the leashes, I leave the plugs in though. Some airlines will let you pack all your gear in your board bag and it counts as your hold luggage allowance whereas others charge for an extra bag.

    Shouldn't have a theft problem as they are easily identifiable and watching people with big board bags on their back running would be a funny sight to behold, but remember they'll come out the oversized baggage chute at the airport not the usual luggae caousel. I always give my household insurance company the names and details of the boards and wettie I take so they are specifically insured but fortunately never had to claim in about a dozen trips so far.

    Hope that helps

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    Just bought my board back to CHina with me - got a 3 board bag from BBHQ - one that goes on your back - was perfect - booked extra luggae on line before I got to airport - flying with British Airways, I think it was an extra £60 or something like that - arrived in Beijing perfect :)
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    I too took my two boards and equipment to Hainan china that was 2X different planes and a massive 11 hour journey and the rest what saved them is.......

    Bubble wrap and sellotape from the poundshop

    Simply cover it head to toe in bubble wrap secure with sellotape and place in a basic boardbag no need for fancy stuf and ensure they are placed slick to slick dotn allow leash to touch deck or slick as it can create indents when depressed.

    Any yer good to go , oh and dont leave them in the sun they dont appreciate that

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