taghazout - morocco, anyone?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by slab, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. slab

    slab Grom

    anyone up for joining me for a trip to taghazout in morocco in jan? possible car share?

    a week can be done pretty cheap. B&B can be done for £150 P.P.P.W, return flights can be snagged for around £100 (cheapest I found is for £80!). Peak surf season is from Dec - Feb. been sponging for 3 years, let me know soon if your keen. :)
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  2. Kabigabor

    Kabigabor Grom


    I'll be there between 29 Dec-Jan15. I already booked a room with spare beds.

    PM if you interested.

    I'm flying from Gatwick to Agadir

  3. hi gabor,

    where are you staying?

    frank (morocco 2009)
  4. Kabigabor

    Kabigabor Grom

    Sent you a PM Frank. Did remember you! :)



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