Surge Mag issue 4

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by kev2o, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. kev2o

    kev2o Local Charger

    The good folks at surge magazine have uploaded the new issue and its now online, lots of cracking photos.

    Surge Bodyboarding
  2. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    Whoa! What a mag full of shots, kit reviews & stories.

    Make some time for this as its pages long. I kinda got carried away at work and missed dinner break. :¬/

    Cracking pics angled toward the US rider and good to see such a following that side of the pond.

    The pics of Wedge (several) are insane. Made my stomach turn to think I got away with the beatings (lesser) it dealt out for me.

    Looking forward to more issues. Good post Kev2o
  3. kev2o

    kev2o Local Charger

    fair play for paddling out, even the best pro surfers/bodyboarders have had their asses handed to them.

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