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  1. janner

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    Hi guys,

    I get in mainly sunday mornings and evenings after work, due to work/ missus/ kids/ life in general.... I check msw/ local surf shops, swell direction/ frequency, wind speed / direction and pick a coast and spot that i think may work, which usually leads me to a few common spots.

    I am always looking to gain knowledge to help me get better waves and give me the chance to progress in bbing.

    Has anyone got any hints or tips they would like to share with me/ us to help choose the right spot due to current conditions on a particular day.

    Any help at all greatly appreciated.
  2. 8adgerx

    8adgerx Grom

    Hey forget msw

    Use beach webcams ie praa, sunset cafe godrevy etc etc then compare there swell with your local breaks hey presto
  3. stupha

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    MSW doesn't have enough data for me.

    I combine predictions for my local break: Crackington Haven 48 hour detailed Surf Forecast

    with the Port Isaac realtime data: Port Isaac

    Of course, that combi is appropriate for my local breaks, but there might be other similar resources around.
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  4. Spongedup

    Spongedup Local Charger

    The most reliable site for Cornwall / south west plus the most accurate swell charts is

    I also use zumajay surf shop in bude + the webcams and take 1 foot or so off for the devon area

    I use eyeball hq for the surf cams but don't trust what the chap writes , I believe he runs the car parks at the beaches and beefs up the reports reporting it as fun/clean when its slop
  5. Hels

    Hels Grom

    Tidal state can also be key. A lot of beaches close out at low tide. Some can be great (eg Fistral.)

    I tend to check Constantine Bay Surf Shop report as it's usually put up early and I can relate it to other beaches I know. Zuma Jay is useful if you want pics. I also use an app called Meteo Consult Marine which gives forecasts with lots of detail for sea conditions in coastal areas across Western Europe. Very useful in France and in UK too .
  6. kev2o

    kev2o Local Charger

    Ditto to what everyone said about msw, always smaller that what they say. I use windguru and tony butt does a forecast on lunasurf twice a week and he's seems to know what he's taking about.

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