South Wales Sessions?

Discussion in 'Wales' started by RakeR, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. RakeR

    RakeR El Floppo King

    Hey guys,

    Anyone hitting it up tomorrow on the dawn at all? I'll be out on the Gower somewhere probably?

    Not sure what it will bring, but hoping for something!
  2. lwills

    lwills El Floppo King

    Didn't get a chance to get down. Any good dude?
  3. RakeR

    RakeR El Floppo King

    Hey fella.

    It was okay - maybe 2 - 3 at best. Little choppy, but cleaner by the cliffs in Rhosilli where we drifted from! Will try and stay closer there next time.

  4. lwills

    lwills El Floppo King

    Ah nice for a play like, sounds like the paddle out wasn't too bad either which is always a plus down 'gennith way :)

    You'd think with all the storms we're getting the swell might step a bit more :rolleyes: Ah well, if the forecasts are anything to go on we may be looking alright for a bit of swell on the weekend, worth getting in if you can find somewhere with a bit shelter from the wind.
  5. RakeR

    RakeR El Floppo King

    Anyone out tomorrow afternoon/eve for the mid to high somewhere in Pembs/Gower?

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