Seashell ss-i underwater housing for iPhone

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Jon norris, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Jon norris

    Jon norris Grom

    Ordered one of these today, quite a good idea for people who already have a iPhone and want to take water shots, not too bad a price I think compared to buying a whole new camera. Another use for my phone : )

    Seashell Underwater case for iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS and 3G SS-i

    What do you think?
  2. KernowBysVyken

    KernowBysVyken El Floppo King

    I don't think I would like the risk of messing my phone up in the water and would pay the extra £100 for a HD Hero 2 for the peace of mind. As well as that, is the iphone camera as good as a gopro?
  3. Jon norris

    Jon norris Grom

    Fair point, I hope it's safe enough for my phone, it's got to be pretty strong for a 40m depth. I think the iPhone cam is better than the original hd gopro that I have and it will be Easyer to frame and view pictures as you take them. Plus I'm lazy and like the fact that you can upload pics straight to Facebook etc : ) I'll try and post some results this weekend
  4. lwills

    lwills El Floppo King

    Doesn't look too bad, bit pricey mind. Looks pretty sturdy and if its as water tight as they say, as long as you can tether it safe you should be fine.
  5. Jon norris

    Jon norris Grom

    Received my phone case yesterday and have to say its very good quality, much better than the gopro's housing. The clips better and the plastic quality is better.

    It might be worth mentioning I have the iPhone 4S which has a 8mp camera and 1080p hd video, not sure I'd buy it for the 4 or under but they do do one for the 5.

    Luckily the camera shot button is thumb operated so I should be able to operate it with my 7mm mitts on.
  6. lwills

    lwills El Floppo King

    Good accolade that's it's better quality than the GoPro housing. Let us know how the pics come out :)

    When they get around to making proper hyrdrophobic devices we may not have to worry so much...

    btw. 7mm mitts?! must be like boxing gloves! ;)
  7. Jon norris

    Jon norris Grom

    : ) 7mm gloves because most of the breaks are near river mouths so it can be nearer freezing, I notice a big temperature difference down pembroke way
  8. lwills

    lwills El Floppo King

    Don't envy you for those temps dude...

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