scottish islands?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by kev2o, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. kev2o

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    Thinking of maybe heading up early autumn, gotta a couple of islands in mind, anybody done a trip up to any of islands and how did you get on, not looking for names of breaks or anything senstive thats going to piss any locals, just maybe when and what island you went to and if you got waves.cheers
  2. KernowBysVyken

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    I saw an article in a stand up mag that was about the Shetlands (I think the article was called Horse Islands, even though they aren't horses, they are psychotic ponies). There are a lot of breaks, but not the most accessable from what I remember. I also spoke to a customer at work who was based on the outer Hebrides for a while and he said there was a decent size swell running at the time. When I got the chance, I checked the wavebuoys, his 'decent' size was a 40ft swell. I think they get a lot of swell, but it's often knackered by the wind.
  3. YIM-YAM

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    Thurso east is the place to be, :)
  4. kev2o

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    cheers guys.
  5. Plugus Maximus

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    I toured Scotland last year. It's so remote there's hardly any need to be covert about spots and the locals want to meet people to surf with as it's more of a case of finding someone to rides! Obviously there is Thurso East ... but everyone knows that. There's also some other decent breaks nearby which you'll have to sniff out access to but can be good. Orkney looked awesome both on the mainland and Hoy.

    If you get to Durness in the far northwest then drop in on Ludo (I'll doubt he'll remember me) at this place: The Wee Gallery: Welcome. I just came out of his gallery and noticed his suit and board hanging up. I hooked up with him for s sponge and he was glad of the company. Really friendly and great artist too! He took me to Ceannabeinne which is possibly the most beautiful place I have surfed in the UK. So rare is it for spongers up here that he, a Spanish guy and I drew quite a crowd to photo us. There's a great rip to tow you out back too! I've surfed in many locations in the world now (not that you could tell) but the Scottish surf scene is utterly perfect - but it is cold!
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  6. kev2o

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    Cheers for the info plug, couldn't get any mates to commit and the petrol/ferry costs are too much of a stretch for me at the moment.
  7. YIM-YAM

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    When you thinking of going up,?????

  8. kev2o

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    I've already put the money towards a week somewhere else.
  9. YIM-YAM

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    Cool, enjoy:cool:


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