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    anyone from scotland out there.? been based in aberdeen for the last year and have noticed nae too many spongers in the (amazing) line ups..

    anyone wanting to sort out a wee sponge community in scotland?


  2. booger6969

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  3. ttttterry

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    id be up for it. im from near newcastle, but living in dundee. im off to thurso this friday night (surf saturday) you up for it? 07932567530 or [email protected]
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    Scottish Bodyboard Comp

    This Saturday 25 Oct

    Meet 7.30 am at Merkle Bay, Thurso, Caithness

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  5. fish

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    Just wondered if there were any reports from last weekend's Scottish Open due to be held at Thurso or elsewhere on the North Coast?

  6. booger6969

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    ye mate just submitted a report to rob so hopefully should be in the next 360 and also shortly on the scottish website

    waves were siiick!!

  7. fish

    fish Grom

    Excellent. Look forward to reading next issue of 360.

    Had a look at Unbez site but couldn't see any report.

    Any chance you could maybe post some pics on Kernow site.

    Re. earlier post ...... yep, certainly a dearth of spongers on Scottish waves ...... lucky to see another bboarder most days in Scottish line-ups.

    What break was the recent Comp held at ....... decent turn out?
  8. fish

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    Do you ever come across any good online resources for body boarding in Scotland ....... any good websites, etc.
  9. neilc

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    Whats scotland like for beachies, wouldnt mind eventualy heading up there. Much in the way of waves for beginners well kind of beginner. Also were is best area to head to.

    cheers neil
  10. booger6969

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    Ye will upload a couple of pics soon..

    Not much in the way of web sites, but we all use a group on facebook called 'Scottish Bodyboarding' so check us out if ur on that!
  11. booger6969

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  12. Is there anywhere cheap to stay in brimms ness/ thurso? any hostels or b and b's? cheers, tom
  13. booger6969

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    ye there's a backpackers hostel in thurso called 'Sandras' google it to get their details. think it's around £11.5 per night with brekky!
  14. Jason k

    Jason k El Floppo King

    That looks pretty good, might have to come up. How long does it take from say, wiltshire to up there in a car?
  15. dats a very reasonable price! cheers! If you are going up from wiltshire and wanna save sum petrol money, i could chip in petrol money bud as i live in bristol.
  16. me and a couple of mates are very keen to come up to thurso in febuary. We are thinking of getting the plane to inverness. Does any one know what is the cheapest option to get from inverness to thurso? Can we catch loads of buses and maybe get day riders to save money? ;) Cheers, tom.
  17. booger6969

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    ha u can get a bus but it's a full on mission. (ur pretty far from civilisation north of inverness lol) best bet is to hire a car and drive it, is necessary to have in thurso anyway as most breaks are a drive away
  18. ASD

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    i drove once from Exeter, took 17 hours. worth it though. you need to go to hebrides if your up in scotland ferry from ullapool. world class.......

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