Sandwood Bay?

Discussion in 'Scotland' started by Weedwabit, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. Weedwabit

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    Anyone out there surfed Sandwood Bay, Sutherland? Paddled round from Droman a couple of times years ago, principally to have a gander @ Am Buachaille with a view to climb; & from about half mile out the bay looked pretty looked good. Thought about tow porting a board out with kayak n wild camping with a mate for a few days this April/May. Might even have a bash @ the stack. Just wondered if anyone been there & anything i should know / be aware of?
  2. Plugus Maximus

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    This is the place I most want to surf in the British Isles!

    Never been ... not likely to anytime soon ... but one day! :p
  3. booger6969

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    It's a great place to visit, although ive never been there many of my friends have and always report fun times there. the bay is a pretty massive beach that has a varity of peaks, including a couple of reefs and a wedge potential. defo the best time to go is in small westerly swells, prime in late spring/early summer. there's a path from the road which is about 1.5 miles so u need to take all gear! pictures ive seen make it like a worthwhile pilgrimage!

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