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Discussion in 'Travel' started by Kabigabor, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. Kabigabor

    Kabigabor Grom

    Hey guys!

    I'm heading down to Cape Town beginning of November. Is anyone been there, and can recommend some guidance to surf spots. (I know there's sharks, etc. )
  2. green802

    green802 Pro Rider


    Camps Bay is good for surf and for swanky food & drink. Just a short drive out of CT South. Sandy beachies and gets hairy on RH side (looking out) near rocks when pumping.

    Llundudno is even better except you might find parking (very small park) tight. Park up the hill amongst the expensive villas and walk down. Again very exclusive.

    There are no real breaks in CT itself. Just rocky areas with mutant seaweed.

    The water is Very cold. I took my winter 5 milly. Boiled over on the beach getting it on then shocked cold getting in. I went in their summer but the water was still as cold/er than UK winter. Take gloves & twat hat just in case.

    Saffa crews are immune to the cold it seems and all very friendly . I found no localism but then allways polite and charming I am .

    Dude if you want a great bar find out Raffiki's near the lions head of CT. That end of town has all sorts of great places.

    Also Nelsons eye is the best place for steak, springbok & osterich. Google it and go there.

    You wont be dissapointed. The yanks know nothing about steak when you compare S.A.

    There should be a write up on here from my trip in the international section.

    Enjoy I am indeed jealous.
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  3. Kabigabor

    Kabigabor Grom

    Thanks for the info!

    You made me paranoid now, so I'm going to pack my winter wetsuit as well. :eek:

    Will check out the beaches you've mentioned in your post.

    1 day to go! :D
  4. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    Well..... Pic's ? Write up ?

    How was it for you (oo-er) ?
  5. Kabigabor

    Kabigabor Grom


    Gosh, it's hard to adjust for the darkness and the cold even after a week. I have a few pics to go through and sort out,m also few gopro videos. I promise I'll write a report with pics and all in a couple of weeks until then let's just say, I had an amazing time surfing alone at Cape Point cheered by German tourists. :D
  6. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    Cape Point !!!

    What the tip of S.A ? I admit I considered the same thing but had second thoughts.

    Mutant sea weed, REALLY cold, unknown tides, rips and no real landfall except Antartica, S.America and Australia should you get pulled out to sea.

    Bravo. Yup t'other side of the planet is definately better this time of year.


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