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  1. I was run over by a surfer for the first time this week and its doing my head in a bit - I have no idea whether it was my fault for dropping in or his for not seeing me.

    To explain:

    Normally, I try and avoid the people riding their front doors and keep myself to myself so not really sure of etiquette. But its a small beach with peaks that change position quickly as the tide comes in. So started off on a nice one away from most people but as theirs changed people started migrating my way and it got a little bit more crowded than I like. But it was such a beautiful day with OK summer waves that I didn't want to cut my session short.

    So there were five or six sticks a bit further out than me as they appear to be able to catch it earlier than I can and I tried as hard as I can to be polite and not get in their way which was a little frustrating as I watched decent waves go past with surfers trying and failing to catch waves which could have been cracking rides for me. (to be fair they did catch others).

    After a little while I started going for more of the waves that came through but still trying to be polite. Caught a really nice one , trimmed right, to see a surfer on the same wave about 4 metres in front - I could see him so thought that would be fine, but there was also one behind me that I couldn't see who clattered into me a couple of seconds into the ride.

    Its all a bit of a blur - its possible that he was closer to the peak than me but I was into the trim - should I be looking behind me just to check?

    To be fair to him there was no attitude and we both apologised profusely while we were trying to untangle our leashes in the breaking waves (those curly bicep leashes are a beast!)

    So I don't really know. I don't want to be constantly trying to find empty space and be moved on from the good breaks so would be interested in advice about how you share waves with the sticks - there's a lot of the buggers around:eek:
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    Okay, this should help a bit

    Surfing Etiquette | The Surfing Handbook

    From what you've said, it sounds like you dropped in on the guy who ran you over, so your fault, but shit happens. Sounds like the guy who ran you down was a decent guy and didn't want any hassle, they aren't always, so be careful. He should have called if he saw you going, perhaps he didn't think he's make the section, but make sure you listen out for the shout.

    There are some proper assholes in the water. I've been riding a wave at my local, had a stand up paddling out spin around quickly and take off behind me, then started mouthing off at me on the wave. Quick way to resolve that was a spinner to sweep his legs out :) He tried to punch me as he fell, but missed. He started kicking off at me as I turned to paddle out, so I got off my board (it was only waist deep) and he then realised I was a hell of a lot bigger than him and annoyed at that point. Gobby little wuss paddled off pretty quickly.
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    A surfer tried to run me over once as well, but seems he forgot what gear he was in and his VW Transporter stalled giving me time to get out of the carpark. Close one though.
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    personally I would not lose any sleep over it, I'm often in the same position as long as you apologies then mostly there (stand ups) seem to be ok. remember we all had to learn once.

    Mind you I ran over a surfer at Porthtowan a couple of weeks ago and he moaned like hell, wuss springs to mind......

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    Yup - sounds like maybe you never saw the stand up getting hte wave behind you so you may have dropped in. Just happens and most times no-one bothers....depends on the individuals of course. Happens both ways...respect each way whatever the surfcraft is.

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