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    Hi there people! Have recently started bodyboarding and have gone and bought a second hand nmd unlimited off fleabay. Like a muppet I didn't do a great deal of research before hand and have bought a board with a pp core. Is this going to be detrimental to my learning when the water starts to get cold? From what I've read it says it's going to lack projection when cold, but what does that mean?

    I'm able to catch a wave and am starting to get to grips with trimming. Is it going to be worth changing board or will I get away with the pp core?

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    Dont worry about it. I did the same when I first got my "real board". PP isn't so flexible in colder waters.

    As PP was all I'd known I didn't realise this until I used the board (NMD PP Player) abroad in warm waters and felt it flex as I turned in to trim.

    That said I was still able to climb the learning curve albeit on a stiffer board.

    After swapping boards one sesh for a PE with a mate at the Nationals I then discovered the difference. In the end I got a NMD Base PE for UK waters.

    Only then did I get the feel of the flex-difference and used it to my learning advantage.

    Keep the PP board. You'll be able to use it in hot UK summers or until you've saved some moolah for a PE board (must have a stringer/mesh though).

    Sounds as if you're doing just fine. Its helping you keep the stoke.

    Hope this helps. Green
  3. danmar94

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    Cheers Green! As long as it's not un-rideable through the winter I'll be happy. Hoping for some decent surf Sunday and I'll be out on it again :D

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