North Scottish Coast and The Orkneys

Discussion in 'Scotland' started by Plugus Maximus, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Plugus Maximus

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    I'll be spending a couple of weeks in early August touring Scotland and the Orkneys. Anyone on here or know of any spongers up in that neck of the woods? I'll be checking out Skaill Bay (Orkneys) and Thurso at a minimum but I'll also be heading west of Thurso to the north coast of Sutherland. I'll have wife and kids in tow so my life time ambition of getting to Sandwood Bay is still remote as the location but if there is anyone of fancies a sponge in the cold, lonely waters let me know ;)
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    You might get more joy here?!/group.php?gid=5042874548
  3. Plugus Maximus

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    Nice one! ;)
  4. Plugus Maximus

    Plugus Maximus Underground Ripper

    Has anyone on this forum surfed Scotland? I'm getting a little excited now ....
  5. Spongedup

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    nope but I'm going up to scout out East lothian might be moving up there with work I do know surf is good by torness nuclear power station and gee it might even keep you warm in the winter months.......

    Thurso on the North looks awesome I will eventually get up there one day I envy you for going there looks great on you tube
  6. Plugus Maximus

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    Well campervanning around Scotland was one of the best 2 weeks I've had in a loooong time! When I first hit Thurso it was flat as a pancake. I was expecting little surf infrastucture but in fact there is zero surf facilities ... the best I could establish was a fishing tackle shop which did rent out surf boards! Anyhow, as it looked so flat I headed to Brimms Ness ... supposedly a swell magnet. Drove through the farm and found the reef. Perfect barrels were reaaling in with a nice wedge ... except it was less than 1/2 a foot!! Gutted. Heaqded to Orkney and yet again Skaill Bay bay was flat and Rackwick on Hoy had soo much potentail but it was just too flat.

    After spending a while more on the north coast the swell reached 6-8ft ... but this time it was 30-40mph onshore winds. Thurso was not working and Brimms Ness looked like total carnage. So I headed west from Caithness to Sutherland and by the time I got to Durness the winds backed down. Scouting the local craft village in the ex-nuclear early warning base I stumbled upon The Wee Gallery: Welcome in which Belgian wood turning artist Ludo makes a living. After perusing the stunning wooden bowls he makes I noticed a board outside with an xcel wettie hanging up! A quick chat confirmed the best beach to hit was one I had scouted out earlier ... Ceannabeinne (pronounced Canna Bean!) about 3 miles east of Durness. Ludo tipped me about the rip which was fricking awesome. Wade out by the rocks and then there is almost no paddle out. You just get sucked out back! Spent the next three hours taking 100m long rights into the bay. Paddle back to the rip and repeat! A dude from the basque region of Spain joined us and the three of us drew a crowd on the beach such is the rarity of surfers let alone three spongers in this region! If you get up to the NW Scottish coast ... hunt down Ludo I think he'd like the sponger company!

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