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  1. hello, does anyone use an NMD Element 42? Im thinking of buying this board. Been out bodyboarding since New Years about a Dozen times on an old Manta legend 42. Havent done bodyboarding since I was a teen 10 years ago, been into stand up... untill I took the BBoard out! found myself having loads more fun "whooping & woohing" @ the top of my lungs:D. anyway I dont find the old Manta legend responsive enough. I can get out in the water a fair bit as I work shifts. Does anyone use the NMD Element? Whats your opinions of it? are there any other boards in that price range worth looking at?

    cheers! Andy - Pembrokeshire
  2. lwills

    lwills El Floppo King

    Welcome back into sponging dude :)

    Haven't used an element but I've got a 42" base and it's never been a problem, fantastic board. As I'm sure most others on here will tell you, worth giving Dave from Bodyboard HQ and Rob from Bodyboard Depot a shout and explaining your situation. Either will point you in the right direction with the best board for your cash.

    Personally I recommend the Base if you have the cash (£100 when I picked one up) as I've had mine for few years now and there's barely a blemish on it.

    How's the surf over in Pembroke? haven't wandered down that far yet.
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  3. KernowBysVyken

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    I had an Element 43 and it was crap. On paper, it looks pretty good - stringer, PE core, template is nice, but it didn't come together as well as I'd hoped and I really didn't get the speed out of a wave that I would have expected. I think it was the cheapest board I've ever had (and had a few http://www.kernowbodyboarding.co.uk/forums/product-reviews/3753-board-history.html plus there is the Element, Base and another Big Bruddah to add to that) so I can't really complain too much.

    Got a Base 43 bat tail last year and that's ten times the board for a few extra quid. Give Dave at BBHQ a shout as he really knows his stuff.
  4. thanks for the reply guys. The base seems like a very popular board. will look into it.

    surf gets pretty good round here not too crowded either. Doesn't seem to be much of a sponging community though!
  5. lwills

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    Good call :) let us know how you get off.

    Ah cool, I may pop down that way if I get a free weekend. As for the sponging community, if you head up towards Tenby way at all, keep an eye out for a sponger named Pete. Really tidy bloke :D
  6. green802

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    Base 42 PE Cres

    Like IWILLS said. Cant go wrong with it or getting it from BBHQ.

    I've had mine at least 5 years now and its still going strong. It's been places in the cargo hold of an aircraft and survived. It's also seen some beatings (Croyde on the low) but still in one piece.

    Ok I may not be the most radical sponger for tricks but it would be my weapon of choice in cold/ UK waters. It has been a great improvement from my Alder Assault ceiling tile which I started with.

    Glad to have another deciple in the water.

  7. I have a Element 42 crescent tail, and to be honest I find it sluggish and unresponsive. Like was said above, it looks great on paper, but I wouldn't buy another one.
  8. keardiff

    keardiff Grom

    I've got one and its a great board to start with......but.

    As above its very sluggish,but floaty for us more manly types.

    Good thing is its bomb proof for us poor souls who dodge rocks at their local spot.

    Would I have another?

    NMD without a shadow of a doubt,an Element probably not.

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