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Discussion in 'Bodyboarding Chat' started by sand dancer, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. Evenin all.... finally got some dosh saved to buy a new board... been riding a Custom X Titan for last few years as main board and a slightl smaller Hot Buttered board on big days.

    I am 6 foot and a bit , 16st... my Custom X has plenty float and still rides well but I am not convinced I can progress on this board.....or is it me....?? 360 s are hard as it just doesn't release quickly, awesome for carving a big pier wall wave tho...

    Alll advice greatly appreciated ....please help a big ole crazy fool catch some air....!!!!!!!! :) :)
  2. Chriscmoss

    Chriscmoss Grom

    Hi buddy. Firstly let's get the length correct. You are best off on a 42.25 or at a push a 42.5. You could probably get away with a 42 at the shortest depends on your riding style. What length is your Titan. Next width no wider than 22 inches or the rail to rail transition will be harder. Next tail if you want to spin you could go with a bat tail but don't go to radical with the shape. I much prefer a cresent and it releases fine so have never needed a bat.

    So what's available.

    Nmd base 42 solid, relatively wide template pe core not the most float available.

    Nmd nrg Ben player. 42.5 this would be my recommendation. This is a good wide template and due to it being a lower density poly pro board it has abit more float.

    Vs Ryan hardy 42,25 abit narrower than the Ben player but still good float. Best for you in the nrg core variant for the same reason as the Ben player

    Science dp 42.25 bat tail very fast. I have see guys much heavier than you take off on these no probs quite a narrow board.

    The best advice I can give is don't believe anyone who tells you to go longer in a board to get the float. Hope you find your next ride. You could book in a lesson with rob barber in newquey he has stacks of boards to try out and find what works for you befor you part with you hard earned cash. All the best

  3. Gaz

    Gaz Hand Dragger

    have you tried any of those nylon covered boards with the rounded rails and square tails. They doing them in bigger sizes now. Most beach shops have a good stock in various graphic designs. They don't have channels so should be easy to spin. Think they about 12.99 in the bigger sizes. Lol. Seriously though a lot of what you said could be to do with your weight distribution on the board you riding. Spending more money on another board may not solve your problem.

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