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  1. (pasted this here from the cornwall page, thought i might have more luck.)

    It's that time when anyone who enjoys the water starts to get real sick of the cold conditions. I for one am seriously eager for spring - so in that spirit, i'm starting to plan a few trips down south as cash this year won't afford leaving the country, but i bloody love the south so that's fine.

    I've been scouring maps and google earth for somewhere a little different to cath a break.

    i know for sure that for at least one week this summer i will be right on the tip, staying just outside Sennen, so i have Sennen and Gwenver as a stable option for waves - they've both served me well in the past. But would like to check out some of the more secluded spots in the area.

    has anyone ridden at Nanjizal (mill bay) around spring/summer?

    the place looks beautiful from what little i have found, is it worth a visit as a sponger?

    any suggestions of other spots would be really appreciated!

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  2. It`s a great walk to Nanjizal, but I haven't surfed there since the early 80`s . Problem is that it is a long way to go if it is not working. Check out Porth Chapel near Porthcurno as well. I would come to Nanjizal with you, just for the scenery.
  3. Forgot to add that sand levels change rapidly in Mill Bay, as it is exposed and surrounded by headlands; sometimes there is nothing, and sometimes it is full of sand. A bar forms quite a long way out in the bay, and this is where it works. I am sure that someone with more recent knowledge will be along.
  4. skinny

    skinny Grom

    I think Porthcurno has a good bodyboarding wave. I went for a walk to portheras cove when I was down a few weeks ago and looks like it has some potential at low tide. It was a pretty rough day though so didnt look clean, but the beach was steep so it might be an option. I cant say much about the coves north of there either as I have not explored them yet, but there might be something there. Go check them out at low tide by the looks of things.
  5. right oh, i looks like this is just one of those things that must be explored. might just throw some fins and a handplane in the back pack, jsut incase there's something, if not, it's in for a swim.

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