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  1. Spongedup

    Spongedup Local Charger

    Never thought about this b4 but my gf is strongly short sighted and wears contacts , she is concerned that if she starts surfing it may be an issue.

    Can any1 shed any light on this subject , is there a type of lense you can wear or do you just get on with it?
  2. bgarthp

    bgarthp Pro Rider

    In Chile I was surfing with a guy from Tassie who wore his regular contacts in the sea, he lost a few of them but the waves were pretty sizey.

    Probably be alright, but do prepare to lose a couple of sets.
  3. markhayes

    markhayes Grom

    I wear contacts in the water and only ever lost one. Worst thing is just all the salt sticking to them after a while and if sand gets in your eyes it's a bit annoying.
  4. CymruGirl

    CymruGirl Hand Dragger

    Hi There... I wear contact lenses and I've only ever lost one. They irritate a bit after you get out of the sea so I have a little tub of 'tears' which are eye drops especially for contact lens wearers. I always take a spare pair of lenses and my specs with me and if I'm going on holiday I make sure I have a few spares.

    A tip I got from my optician is to wash your face as soon as you can after surfing cos the sea salt sticks to your eye-lids and eye-lashes and that can get into your eyes and fog the lenses.
  5. Spongedup

    Spongedup Local Charger

    great response cheers
  6. Jesta_ZX6R

    Jesta_ZX6R Hand Dragger

    Dirty Dog and Oakley make wetglass's dunno if theyre sealed, but you could also maybe just use some regular swimming goggles? That said, they might interfere with the focus, I dont really know as Ive not got impaired vision so never needed glasses or contacts, and as such this post should be taken as speculation only.
  7. Smiffy1967

    Smiffy1967 Grom

    As a contacts wearer I wondered about this, but think I will give it a go with them after reading the above....and thanks for the tips about the 'tears' and washing your face after
  8. gifferkev

    gifferkev Grom

    I got an additional prescription for daily lenses, use them whenever i'm in the water. That way i only lose a single use lens rather than the monthlies i normally wear.
  9. lwills

    lwills El Floppo King

    Thats a good shout giffer, may have to look into that myself.

    Atm, I wear monthly disposables and I've not had any problems so far with the sea. Might sound silly - in the sea seems fine but don't go in a pool with contacts in and no goggles. I ended up with a scratch on my retina because a pool in spain were a bit overzealous with the chlorine and a bit crystalised on my contacts :/ .

    Like a few have said here already, rehydrating your face and eyes can never hurt after a dip in the drink. Any contact friendly eye drops or that actimist spray are all good to have in the car just incase.
  10. Hels

    Hels Grom

    I wear soft disposables for water sports and have lost quite a few over the years but they're still worth it. Worst part is having to close eyes at key moments so as not to lose them! My cousin has nursed in an eye hospital and strongly advised me not to wear any contacts in the sea; she says she's seen dozens of nasty eye infections arising from this, when microbes have been trapped beneath and held in contact with the eye. I always take them out as soon as possible afterwards, as advised by her and also by my optician. She's also got me to carry a tube of brolene or similar with me on all surf trips. NB My soft contacts go missing very quickly when freshwater swimming; something to do with osmosis, I presume.

    Great to hear about more women joining the true faith. I see so many just watching from the beach or even the car - how can they bear to do that?
  11. casual77

    casual77 Grom

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