Much happening in pembrokeshire?

Discussion in 'Wales' started by joeh92, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. joeh92

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    Hey guys, never really introduced myself on here properly and haven't been on here in ages so thought I would, here goes: Im 19 from Tenby in pembrokeshire used to a little bodyboarding and surfing when I was about 12. Currently doing a ski season in France at the moment. Seasons nearly over and im keen to get back into bodyboarding. I've been watching loads of spongeing vids online and reading this forum cant wait to get in the water as soon as i've sorted some kit and a car. Just wondered is there anyone on here who goes to fresh west or manorbier .etc.? if so have you had any good sessions lately?


  2. Spongedup

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    have not tried fresh water yet but looking to in the future
  3. jonpob

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    Aint surfed over there yet about hour ish away but some great breaks that way and planning to go new winter season
  4. Fresh is the bollocks, cracking wave it really is. I've surfed in NZ and Fresh on a good day is where I'd be. Also Pembs loads of sheltered coves and bays if the storm beaches are onshore. Also less busy and cheaper parking etc than cornwall

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