Discussion in 'Travel' started by chrisp1988, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. chrisp1988

    chrisp1988 Grom

    hi im chris,

    im new to the forum, and just wondered whether anyone is going on the rob barber trip to morroco on the 12th of November?
  2. sam_bishop

    sam_bishop Grom

    im going on the trip!!!

    cant wait!! :D
  3. chrisp1988

    chrisp1988 Grom

    cool man,

    im fairly new to it all but hit the beach alot over this summer. are you? im going it alone so should be an experiance haha
  4. sam_bishop

    sam_bishop Grom

    ive been bodyboarding my whole life!! i cant wait to get out there!! :) looks like there should be something for everybody!! :)
  5. chrisp1988

    chrisp1988 Grom

    Haha a tad longer than me then. I can't wait. The trip sounds awesome!!
  6. will be going too. second time

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