Machrihanish / Westport Lift Offered

Discussion in 'Scotland' started by SA_Andy, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. SA_Andy

    SA_Andy Grom

    I have just moved to Lochgilphead, and have not seen any Bodyboarders out in Machrihanish / Westport.

    Any bodyboarders coming up this way ever fancy meeting up for a surf, give us a shout. I can also give a lift from Lochgilphead to Machrihanish / Westport if needed.

    - Also wanting to head up to Thurso in the Summer

    Trying to find scottish bodyboarding community - not managed to find one yet !!! any ideas?
  2. RJH

    RJH Underground Ripper

    Watch out for the Scotland feature in the ThreeSixty 'regions' section - plenty of names there for you to hook up with.

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