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Discussion in 'Bodyboarding Chat' started by admin, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Whats the surf been doing lately?
  2. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Not much and next week is looking flat as a pancake!
  3. bellyboarder

    bellyboarder Pro Rider

    but there looks like theres going to be good swell 4 thursday ish
  4. PapaWoolacombe

    PapaWoolacombe Super Moderator

    I had to escaple the west flatness. Me and Em missioned over to the east coast for the weekend in the van.

    Scored Cayton 3-4ft super clean peeking sweet over the boulder reef infront of the pump house.
  5. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Nice! Lucky bugger. Bit to far to make that trip from Cornwall, but if this flat spell keeps up I may be tempted!
  6. Evans

    Evans El Floppo King

    whats on guys, just signed up!

    Levi u ate 2 large kebabs and chips last night!

    surf is still flat :(
  7. PapaWoolacombe

    PapaWoolacombe Super Moderator

    This should be answered for you in General Chat, check there!

    btw when can i get me avatar up then? its not giving me the option to link to one at the mo. All I got is the profile picture.
  8. Rob M

    Rob M El Floppo King

    Sorry guys but the swell s been pretty big here. Schools and everyone when back today so places like the island will be the go in the week. Matt how many more times are we gonna have to sign up for this fucking message board? Went out in the biggest surf I've been in yesterday at manly, just as I was stretching off 2 blokes walked up the beach with broken boards!!Oh fuck I'm thinking just before I paddle out on my own again, I asked them what it was like they said not bad a few 3 metre sets every now and then!!! Timed the paddle out good though, got a few waves, then a fucking peach of a right, sat in a barrel big enough for 3 of Levi! Then it was quite funny cos this sent was fucking massive and pounding, I had the worst paddle out you can imagine, duck dived in excess of 30 waves, everyone the sort where you think, this is gonna rape my poor little ass. Got out though rested for 5 mins and got my ass out of there. The swell out here s mental, you can check the net for the surf, look at the beach out the window, go for a surf, 2ft drible, 2 hrs later its 4 ft and going off. ANyway I'm out of here.
  9. Surfed Little Avalon in oz this morning well good nice and warm.
  10. bellyboarder

    bellyboarder Pro Rider

    u surfed the island yet rob or did u jib it ?
  11. Rob M

    Rob M El Floppo King

    Yeah thats right Levi, I jibbed surfing shark island when I saw it breaking for the first time. Stupid of me really, as it was low tide, wrong swell direction, loads of really good spongers/surfers around the area and strangely they didn't fancy it either. Good one Levi!
  12. Evans

    Evans El Floppo King

    Porno respect for surfing massive surf! Thats what i like to here! ;)

    I will sort u out with a job when u get back then me and you can surf after 10am every day!

    Sorry i didnt text u back no credit!

  13. bellyboarder

    bellyboarder Pro Rider

    it must have been a shame that u got to a mid-high tide break at low tide so there was no chance anyway of surfing it lol
  14. yellow

    yellow El Floppo King

    now now boys, keep it kernow!
  15. danwestoz

    danwestoz Hand Dragger

    perths been flat for a week now, hopefully there some swell tommorrow!!

    east coast of oz copping a beating at the mo, should be big over there
  16. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    I didnt think west coast ever got flat? Thinking of heading over there nov or dec, sounds like an amazing place. Rob M said that its been huge on the east. People drowning, carnage.
  17. oldskool al

    oldskool al Underground Ripper

    Ha Ha At Last 3 Foot Lilfistral Ok Lefts Peelin For A Bit Good To Get In At Least
  18. dense_hayle

    dense_hayle El Floppo King

    the south coast is going off today just surfed levi at head high!!!

    wheres this come from? i thought that it was going to be flat
  19. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Bastard, shit, no! What wheres that come from?? Bet there was no one on it either was there? You think there will be any left tomorrow?
  20. Evans

    Evans El Floppo King

    Its 1am and im fucked!

    Just posting this 2 get my number of fins up,345dx ;)

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