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  1. lathey

    lathey Local Charger

    Any photogs out there fancy doing the micky smith thing and documenting some big irish waves? although I've applied to uni I've spent to much time in the sea and not enough with my head in books, so I've got some cash saved up and I'm wondering if anyone else fancies tackling big Ireland, it seems mig smith is the only one on it atm. after a few guiness' it seems like a perfeectly rational idea, anyone game?
  2. Lone Godrevy Sponger

    Lone Godrevy Sponger El Floppo King

    i would jump at the chance to get out there and just watch some of those hectic waves and maybe get in on some of them. when are you goin and how much is it gonna cost do you think? i am just in the middle of saving up for my new camera (xm2)
  3. PapaWoolacombe

    PapaWoolacombe Super Moderator

    Well i'm out here allredy so if your over keep in touch and I'll hook up to film when i can outside work. Plus your welcome to use my place as a base between swells. up on the north coast but only 1.5 hrs from Donegal.
  4. booger6969

    booger6969 Hand Dragger

    hey, ireland's a good call. went there in january for 2 weeks this year and was pretty hectic with maxing swells and galeforce wes'erly winds all the time, still found some great spots though, so amazing to surf a remote spot all day then go to a wee country pub for some real guinness and have some craic with the locals!

    would be super keen to go again when it;s more settled (and warm!), loads of little slabs that suck up a lot of swell i reckon so no need to wait for a 5* chart..would happily split hire car/petrol costs with ya if ya need a travel buddy!


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  5. Hassan

    Hassan Pro Rider

    i hope you surfed that wave!
  6. lathey

    lathey Local Charger

    Plymouth Uni accepted me. so that's kind of scuppered my hopes of getting away to Ireland. :(

    I'll still be heading out there though, just not for as long.
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  7. aarondinham

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  8. cyberfella

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    Me and Eldred are going out there for a few days (conditions permitting) sometime in the first two weeks of October. Bellyboarder is still contemplating coming with us I think. Maybe I'll horizontally flip the image above in photoshop so it looks like a right hander, instead of a left. That just might help convince him. Sick photo btw.
  9. booger6969

    booger6969 Hand Dragger

    much as i'd like to claim it, found that shot on magicseaweed!..but you can drive down any random lane on the west coast when there's no wind and find something similar!!
  10. Peguin

    Peguin Underground Ripper

    im over there for a month in october, so if anyone wants to hook up just give me a shout :D
  11. PapaWoolacombe

    PapaWoolacombe Super Moderator

    Shout the dates and i'll venture over west for a weekend.

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