I want waves every day, all day.

Discussion in 'Travel' started by GarethLondon, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. Hey i'm a South African living in London. I'm looking for fellow Bodyboarders that are free during the week up for finding waves traveling around the Uk and abroad. I have my own company that basically runs itself, i only work on Friday nights so am basically free to travel and surf Saturday - Friday anywhere where there are waves.

    If you in the same boat let me know maybe we can discover the worlds best waves together. :cool:
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    I do shift work so i`m usually surfing when everyone is working , I`m keeping an eye on widemouth bay bude Cornwall possibly hitting it Wednesday morning if the conditions stay the same it should be light offshore then gentle on shore and 3ft swell .

    I`m based in Birmingham I travel to

    Scarborough yorkshire (east coast)

    Wales (west coast)

    Devon and cornwall

    Depending whats on and where

    I travel every fortnight and weekly if conditions allow , I also surf winter time got the full kit colds not an issue

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