How to spot a close out wave??

Discussion in 'How To...' started by Spongedup, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. Spongedup

    Spongedup Local Charger

    Bit of a newbie question but had a quite crappy surf today and the majority of the waves from the lineup lacked the power or speed to get me going however the majority of the ones I caught closed out on me.

    I understand where to start surfing on the wave and which direction to go but is there any way to predict a wave that is going to close out ? as some of the sticks there today were bloody lucky or could predict

  2. Spongedup

    Spongedup Local Charger

    Hating the fact I cant 360 yet may aswell answer that too.

    I get in once per week i have fitness to get outback , can duckdive turn left ,right the basic stuff but cant bloody spin , every time I try I either do a 180 or get cramp in my calves.

    I have tried online videos I shit you not I was practicing on my carpet watching a demonstration prior todays sesh and still cant do it.

    If people can tell me how they did it or how they learnt I would be gratefull or alternatively anyone in north cornwall , wales or yorkshire willing to teach me a crate of grog is in it for you
  3. Wattie187

    Wattie187 Hand Dragger

    Hey dude, I can't spin yet either. Heading on a coaching weekend this weekend and hope to get some pointers, will pass them on if I am successful lol. Weekend warrior is where I am at, although during the summer I can manage after work if there is surf about.

    As for spotting close out waves I have been at this a while now and I am none the wiser. Have learnt not to take the first wave in the set as the following ones tend to be bigger and have more power.
  4. Spongedup

    Spongedup Local Charger

    coaching weekend is that with Mr barber?

    Where are you based Cornwall?

    I have a three week trip to China this year last week being in Hainan , they have only just heard of surfing no boogers out there yet need to learn some tricks to show them what its all about.

    Next year i`ll probably do the morrocco coaching trip heard good things about that.

    Keep me posted I have leave soon could meet up for a weekend sesh in a few weeks

    Forgot to say dont get the camera till friday so can film you and vice versa
  5. green802

    green802 Pro Rider


    I spend 10 mins watching the breaks as I suit up (KBB Allstars will say I take longer :¬)

    You get an idea if its a close out day or not by counting the averages of good/bad/iffy waves.

    Sponge Bossy, B'muth or especially Southbourne and you'll get the gist of your chances.

    My drama when its iffy is which way to go left or right.

    360's hah! Dont worry about it duder. Most spongers I know are still trying to crack that one. Been 6 years now, Barber lesson,youtube, vimeo etc...only a few half @r$ed sucesses.

    I'd say you need the right waves, bat tail, right break etc... except messer's Eldred & Co seem to bang out 360's on a mushy pimple of a wave. Keep at it I guess.
  6. Wattie187

    Wattie187 Hand Dragger

    It is part of the coaching tour, so this weekend they are in Bundoran (Ireland). I am based in Belfast, hence the weekend warrior as I have an hour drive to the north coast or longer to the west coast.
  7. Spongedup

    Spongedup Local Charger

    heh heh im a dufus got you mixed up witht the markhayes chap hence the reason I was waffling on about filming and cornwall .

    yep it was that statement "360`s can be performed on any section of the wave including whitewater" thtas the bit thats got me frustrated can do it and the more I try the more I balls it up I did have one really close attempt where I kind of lifted myself above the board and it naturally started to spinn but again your probably right I need the decent waves, I bought the bat tail thinking it would help but no no difference.

    Wattie good luck with getting it let me know whats said cheers
  8. Wattie187

    Wattie187 Hand Dragger

    Hey chief, so didn't manage any 360s.

    But there was a reason for this, I had to fairly much tidy up the basics of my riding so never even got a chance. The various things Rob pointed out really helped me catch waves better and gave me better position on the board to accelerate etc. on the wave. Would recommend a coaching trip with him, really does take someone to point out where you are going wrong for the penny to drop. Also the video analysis afterwards (although embarrassing lol) is really helpful. So no help on the 360s but from what I have learnt getting the basics down matters more.
  9. Spongedup

    Spongedup Local Charger

    yep will have to book a trip defo dont seem to be getting better quick enough and managed to crack my hand on a shoredump and bash my head in two seperate occasions lol
  10. gowersponger

    gowersponger Local Charger

    lerning to read the waves is a great part of surfing
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  11. Spongedup

    Spongedup Local Charger

    please do tell

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