How best to get suit to let water out

Discussion in 'How To...' started by Hels, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Hels

    Hels Grom

    Got a new winter suit, ultra-stretchy, nice and snug around the wrists and ankles , not quite so snug elsewhere eg neck. Found that if & when water gets in it can't get out again and stretchy suit expands round middle and thighs so I end up sloshing about in a sack of water. Big problem if I need to add to that ....(don't laugh)

    Suit clings tight to legs below knees and I can't really drain it until I'm out. Works great in all other respects. Didn't have this problem with previous suits as they flushed more readily and forced the water through. (Plus oldest one is less stretchy so just doesn't allow that much water in.)

    Any advice on best site and method for creating drainage holes?

  2. kev2o

    kev2o Local Charger

    Sounds like the suit doesn't fit.I bought a suit(rip curl front zip) last autumn felt like a good fit in the shop, however once in the water paddling on the board, the water got flushed in through the neck area, every duckdive. Ended up selling it on ebay and got another suit from another company. l would goto a shop with loads of different makes and try a few suits, be honest about your size and you should be able to find something that fits properly. Maybe go the 'custom' suit route, if you've got the cash.
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  3. green802

    green802 Pro Rider


    My frontzip Ripcurl e-Bomb (5years old now) winter suit will flush on me now and again around the neck. I test fitted loads and this was my best fit in the shop.

    The problem I found was:

    Getting too exticed to get in and not pulling the suit up properly enough around the groin & chest area. If there is not enough slack / comfort over the shoulders it will occasionally flush.

    Now I take my time to suit up much to the KBB All-stars crew's annoyance.

    Plug will no doubt add the amount of times I've forgotten the chestzip . Doh!

    My lady had the same problem with her suit once but then that coulda' been combined with trying to squeeze in her "Charlies." *ahem*

    Since then hasn't flushed.

    Stay sealed now,

  4. RJH

    RJH Underground Ripper

    That's a fair expanse of Charlie...
  5. dhand62362

    dhand62362 El Floppo King

    something else to try when trying on a suit in the shop, bend forward and see if a gap appears at the base of your neck, if you havea gap thats where the duck dive will get you. luckily all my suits are ok as I tested them in the shop, some of my old suits have a ruddy gap when I tested them !
  6. Hels

    Hels Grom

    Thanks for all the advice folks. Did try on several suits. Never had a suit that was totally immune to flushing: maybe it's my "charlies" that are causing the problem ? And if I did find one that didn't flush at all and fitted perfectly, would that mean that I had to trek back up the beach to the ladies if I got caught short? :eek:

    Will save up for a bespoke suit next time.
  7. green802

    green802 Pro Rider


    A surfer girl squeezed into a neopreme suit should never consider her "Charlies" a problem.

    Right Gents?


  8. Spongedup

    Spongedup Local Charger

    i know this is far later than the post reply but i`m having a massive problem with the suit pushing my right gonad into a position where it rests on the board instead of me bloody painfull and awkward to re sort out in the deep water....
  9. green802

    green802 Pro Rider


    It's obviously very warm water where you sponge then.

    Have you considered castration ?

    Bit extreme but an effective fix to your problem. :¬P
  10. Spongedup

    Spongedup Local Charger

    toastie winter wettie , I think its the gonads journy to try and hide from the cold it sets in mid surf

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