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Discussion in 'Scotland' started by Mik-E, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. Mik-E

    Mik-E Grom

    Hi there,

    My names Sherlock, Im new to this forum. Iv'e been bodyboarding on and off for 3 years, my local breaks being anywhere I could get too (as I live in the midlands) like newquay, or north devon. Found a few good spots in south wales too!

    Im moving up to lossiemouth in 6 weeks (due to work) and dont know any spongers up this way (poor me LOL) Been doing a lot of research into the surf up there and I think Im gonna be right at home.

    Im very motivated towards the sport and have loads of made ideas (like building a home made Grinch!!!) would love to travel to som places abroard.

    All I need are some likeminded spongers up that way to hit the waves with.

    Thanks for your time, hope to hear off some peopl soon.

  2. Mik-E

    Mik-E Grom

    Was it something I said:confused:
  3. booger6969

    booger6969 Hand Dragger

    hi mate, will be good to see ya up here not too many of the boogs. use our ´scottish bodyboardíng´ group on facebook if use it or gimme an email [email protected] few of us live round aberdeen and surf the slabs round there and up thurso ,) hopefully catch ya soon!

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