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Discussion in 'How To...' started by Spongedup, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. Spongedup

    Spongedup Local Charger

    Hi guys I got rinsed bad yesterday and the cord/rope attaching the gyroll to my plug snapped , I`m not actually sure if i`m missing a bit or just the cord as it seems really small now can you look at the attached photos and tell me if its still complete?

    Also what sort of rope/cord is it thats used and where can I get a replacement ?

    Thanks in advance I dont want that happening again as outback on a big day with no board was some scary crap



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  2. Jon norris

    Jon norris Grom

    You just need a new cord, make sure it's synthetic so it doesn't degrade.
  3. Spongedup

    Spongedup Local Charger

    cheers mate where do i get that from?

    I take it the old one was over used hence it snapped?
  4. Chris

    Chris Grom

    The edge of the hole the cord goes through on the leash can be a bit harsh on the cord as it rubs against it. You just need to keep an eye on it every now and then.

    You can buy polyester cord in places like a boat chandlery. Even B&Q sell it, but it's probably white. 3 or 4mm should be wide enough.

    If you're stuck finding some, PM me your address and I'll send you a piece of black polyester cord you can use.

  5. Spongedup

    Spongedup Local Charger

  6. slab

    slab Grom

    Hey man,

    I had that cord snap on me a few years back, and like you say It isn't fun getting back in with out a board. The last two boards I have had I replaced that cord with paracord, primarily because I have it kicking around anyway but Its incredibly strong for its size. Its about 3mm thick and can hold around 300kg. I also wrap the cord through the plug and leash twice, instead of the once as most come fitted, knotting it myself also gives me peace of mind. :)
  7. Chris

    Chris Grom

    The link from eBay looks like the sort of thing, especially as it's braided and not twisted. A bargain at that price as well.

    When you cut it just melt the ends carefully with a lighter to stop it fraying. Also when you knot it, do a small figure eight knot as it is less likely to slip, as some polyester cord can be a bit 'springy' .

  8. Spongedup

    Spongedup Local Charger

    ok great help cheers thats the first and last time I want that happening again , cant really do much else than do a weird combination of breastroke and doggy paddle whilst getting battered by the sets without a board lol

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