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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by janner, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. janner

    janner Hand Dragger

    My awesome fiance just got me a gopro camera and i cant wait to get some sick surf shots!

    She has got also got me " surf board mounts"

    Are these suitable for bodyboards?

    I am thinking that a helmet would be the best and most secure option as the camera could easily be passed between me and my mate to take shots of eachother.

    Does anyone have any advice or help at all on what is my best options?
  2. dazzler22

    dazzler22 Grom

    Interested in this me self, I have the original 1080p GoPro and still not sure on the best place to mount it.

    these guys do a flush mount:-

    GoPro Standard Bodyboard/Soft Surfboard Mount

    I have been thinking of making my own, after it is only a tripod mount bolted to the board, does mean making a hole though....

    failing that need to buy a helmet and bolt it to that....


  3. skinny

    skinny Grom

    Thats exactly what I did. Went to the nut and bolt store got a bolt to fit into the bottom of the tripod mount about 2" long I think (its a UNF therad). Then poked a hole through the board, fitted a washer behind the bolt head, bit of mastic and your away.
  4. lwills

    lwills El Floppo King

    Don't know if this'll help you Janner but I looked into the same thing last year and saw there wasn't much info knocking about so put my stuff up on wordpress. I'll quote it save writing it again :)

  5. Forgot to mention. 10% discount on anything and everything plus free delivery!

    Message me for the code :)
  6. janner

    janner Hand Dragger

    Thanks for replies guys!

    Got myself a GoPro wrist mount and floaty back door, can't wait to get some shots the weekend.

    Does anyone have any hints or tips for how to get the most out of the Camera?!
  7. lwills

    lwills El Floppo King

    No worries man :)

    A few bits of advice for when your on the water:

    The main one, turn the camera on then forget about it and enjoy your sesh!

    First few times I took my cam out I was tinkering with it all the time and concentrated more on that than the surf. Sooner you can forget it's there the better, and the footage you get when your not concentrating on it by far the best too

    Depending on where the cam is it could get sprayed often leaving nice big water droplets right in front of the action. Try and give it a dip/duck dive every now and again to rinse it off.

    The only other tip I can give you is always tether your camera to yourself or your board!, even if it's already strapped on to summin - another safety layer is worth it.Had a couple of hairy moments where I've almost lost it and it's been there hanging by it's tether :eek:

    Oh and when you're back out of the water, grab VLC Media Player and use it to take stills from your vids then post em up on here :)

    Enjoy dude!
  8. janner

    janner Hand Dragger

    thanks Iwills,

    the wrist mount is a little too low in the water, i had it on the left wrist and strangely only caught a few left handers 1st time out, so maybe i need to swap wrists, i may get a better view!

    i have windows 8 does that program you shared the link of for screenshots work with that?

    thanks for your advice
  9. I've found VLC to be a nightmare with Windows 8.
  10. janner

    janner Hand Dragger

    What else could I use instead of vlc?

    I have been trying to email some clips only a couple minutes long but I am not having any luck, any ideas?
  11. Maybe something like Windows Media Player?
  12. lwills

    lwills El Floppo King

    You'd be better off drop boxing them and sharing the download link dude (or youtube or similar), emails can't stand up to sending a few minute video unless you drop the quality through the floor.

    As for a VLC alternative it depends what you want to be able to do tbh, is it mainly screenshots?
  13. janner

    janner Hand Dragger

    thanks alot, i now upload to youtube for my surf buddy to view, privately of coure as they are poor vids haha,
  14. jonnyc2420

    jonnyc2420 Grom

    These are pretty good - they include stickers too!


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