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Discussion in 'How To...' started by Spongedup, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Spongedup

    Spongedup Local Charger

    Having mastered the art in anything under 3ft I`m having a bit of an issue with larger waves , now I dont have an issue when its just breaking as the technique still slips me through without the negative enrergy sucking me back the issue I have is when its already white and churning towards me , like I said under 3ft fine any larger and the turbulence rinses me and sometimes chucks me off the board which is not a nice place to be when a set is coming in and your in the beating zone.

    I think the main issue is that i`m a skinny git i`m 6 foot 2 and barely 11 stone I have massive issues with getting deep , I found this quote on an advice page..

    " Duck diving is harder for the lightest bodies because skinny surfers tend to fluctuate more than regular and heavy athletes. Nevertheless, practice can improve anyone's duck diving skills against the scariest water foam monsters "

    So I see it coming I paddle like mad , deep breath slide forward and do a pressup forcing the board down and dunking my head whilst trying to flick the board back with my feet then I feel the mad washing machine effect and get slung all over the place if i`m unlucky.

    Any skinny guys out there mastered this in larger waves any ideas?
  2. aliprid

    aliprid Grom

    dont worry about getting up a head of steam all you really want to do is get deep,so you dont have to paddle like mad.you should put both hands where your elbows normally rest and put your knee on the back of your board and you should sink down under the wave.

    But the only way to improve your duck dives is practice.If it does go tits up and you miss time it dont panick as this will use up more oxygen.
  3. Spongedup

    Spongedup Local Charger

    yep got the dont struggle bit to a tee i just go hunched and kind of go floppy i find the wave leaves you alone quicker
  4. Wattie187

    Wattie187 Hand Dragger

    Would agree with Aliprid.

    I did find I wasn't sticking my knee in the back of the board, doing this helped immensely.

    Also as the whitewash approaches throw your other leg up, the force of the water will push against your leg ultimately pushing downwards. Took me ages to get it right, a trip to a Rob Barbour coaching weekend and I still don't 100% of the time :)
  5. timthepig

    timthepig Grom

    I just recently got a 41.5 NMD Ben Player before I had a Hot Buttered 42 Shadow as my first board. This new board is a LOT easier to push deeper under the water. I don't know if this is of any help. Maybe different boards make a difference? - the old board felt like a pushing a brick.
  6. Spongedup

    Spongedup Local Charger

    i went in yesterday and managed to survive even getting mauled once It seems to be when i get caught out and dive without thinking about it or in a rush I get the angle wrong I think that seems to make more difference than kicking hard or getting deep.

    If your knackered after paddling like mad its harder to push down with more force so that would affect the angle , seems plausible or I was just a lucky git
  7. dkjedi

    dkjedi Hand Dragger

    Push your knee 'through the board', i.e use your knee to guide the whole motion and dictate how deep you go. Make sure you grip the rails hard and extent your arms as far as you can (probably quite far if you're 6'2) to get as deep as possible.

    Just keep at it, stay relaxed, and on a small/flat day just practise duckdiving as deep as you can. Soon enough the motion will become 2nd nature.
  8. Hels

    Hels Grom

    Boards do make a difference. I got a slightly narrower, heavier board for bigger waves (on advice from BB HQ) as, even if I get deep enough with my small-wave one I still pop up too soon.

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