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  1. green802

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    Dear Global Spongers.KBB

    I'm halfway to sponge holiday heaven depending how you look at it.

    Booked flights, yet to confirm accomodation in Corrolejo but have to take mein Kommandant and the Groms *sigh*

    If anyone has tips where to sponge in Fuerteventura for last week of May to first week of June then all advise gladly accepted.

    Muchos Gracias.
  2. booger6969

    booger6969 Hand Dragger

    I went out there last month and had a great time, there's loads of waves you'll find.

    But also had a negative experience in that our hire car got burgled, all the cameras and money (total around a grand!!) taken from the glove box and not a scratch on the car...no sign of break in at all, didnt even notice we'd been robbed for a few hours!! it happened to a few others when we were ther too so it seems quite common...so a word of warning: never leave anything of value in the car!!! hope u have a good trip!
  3. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Get yourself a hire car from the airport. It will save the hassle of transfers and you'll need one to get around any way. As for waves, there are some beachies on the east coast as you approach Corralejo called Glass and Flag they dont pick up so much swell but can be fun. In The town itself you have bristols, the harbour and past that shooting gallery. Then you have the whole northern track which is reef and can get very heavy, places like the bubble and suicides. On the west coast the main surf sport is Cottillio which is a beachie but packs a punch. You also have spew pits and several other reefs but I don't think you want to be taking that on! There is also a sick wedge called the gorge further down.

    In Jan when I last went we had monster swells and winds so we hit the south of the island, tons of setups but a killer drive from the north!

    Any other tips just ask, I've been there a fair few times now.
  4. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    Mat & Booger et al,

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Checked out those places on wannasurf and Cortillo has probably the scariest write up ever written


    I can only hope they ment winter surf not spring/summer. Death, rips, beatings, sharks !!!

    Rocky beach is right on our appartment doorstep with glass beach just south of it. Sweet !

    All that's needed now is swell.

    Muchos gracias.
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  5. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    This is a selfish bump of thread.

    Last shout to anyone who's hit Fuerte' for tips before I go on Saturday art-noon.

    I'm leaving my cheapie wettie behind and risking my skinny hide on 2mm Oneil surf shorts (knee length) , a Rhino long sleeve rasher (1mm) and Alder sox.

    Should be slightly better off than last time in boardies and thin rasher... I hope.

    If I find an internet cafe I'll try and take my chance to bore/tease/stoke this thread with sesh's. The Go-Pro surf cam is going too :¬)

    So last shout for advise.

    Muchos gracias hombres et senioritas.
  6. neilc

    neilc El Floppo King

    have fun pete, while were all working back here in the rain ok for some going on there hols already. ha ha
  7. Plugus Maximus

    Plugus Maximus Underground Ripper

    Welll at least if you're cold you can justify getting a new bit of rubber to wear having left ya wettie at home!!

    Have a good'un! Naturally I expect write ups .... with some pics! :D
  8. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    I was in Lanza last week and surfed in Speedos all week, super warm!
  9. Plugus Maximus

    Plugus Maximus Underground Ripper

    Maybe I'm not so bothered about the pics ... :p
  10. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    Scheepdo's ???? Didn't know Matt was Jer-man. :¬)

    This is good news Mat ( about water temps) thanks.

    As for Plug's comment. I have had the misfortune to see him play underwater hockey in das schpeedos . Mein Gott ! Nien !

  11. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    what can I say they allow for maximum tanning!
  12. green802

    green802 Pro Rider


    gotta be quick here. I have walked into the swankiest 5 star hotel looking like I should be here just to use the tinternet. Piano playing in the background.REAL. No kidding. Poshed meself right up no rasher or boardies.

    I digress.

    First three days were ok ish for a sponge.

    Day ¨1 Burro reef break, big fat slack waves. After being polite to the locales and letting them funk good waves up I got what I wanted but only about five rides in an hour. Locales are friendly here if you give a bit of banter in Espaniol.

    Day 2. Drop beach, reef either side sandy beach break. More waves but not any quality realy. But fun sesh.

    Day 3. Drop beach again. Onshore mush no real fun.

    That I´m afraid is it.

    I have been to Cortillo every morning, suicides, north shore the lot. All flat as witches tits. 3 days out of 8 so far.

    Plus side seen lots of naked ladies......but more naked old people than my scarred eyes can take. Will concentrate on the fit ones I saw heheheh

    So have been to all the breaks here many times I can say but not exactly sponged. Hell least I can say I´ve been to suicides.

    Adios anigos, The maitre d´is looking at me and picking up a phone.

    Adios Amigos.


    KBB news at 10

  13. Plugus Maximus

    Plugus Maximus Underground Ripper

    Just remember boardies don't hide schtummers ... I hope it picks up for ya (the surf that is not the schtummer :p )
  14. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    Been to Cortillo 5 days on the trot...Nada.

    Been to glass & drop...Bossy would have been better.

    Off to Cortillo again tomorrow. 2.5ft 8 secs hmmmm.

    Snorkeled lots, seen more fitter naked ladies but had better sponges at home this year sadly.


    Sticks and spongers here get on well as we have a common enemy...the kite surfer or windsurfer. They just rip up the break and dont care we´re there.

    Seem to think we should move out of their way or else. Bastados.

    Adios Amigos.

  15. neilc

    neilc El Floppo King

    hope it picks up mate how long you got left?

    get friendly with the locals they may know others spots to go to, or just join in shouting at the kite surfers ha ha
  16. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    Back in Blighty now but...

    The last two days I managed to score some rides.

    Day 13: Esquinzo

    Was tipped off by a surf shop that this is the best place and 1ft higher than everywhere else in the North.

    Eskinzo is basicaly waaay in the outback from Cortillo on the West coast. You drive over very rough track (not road) praying you dont puncture your tyres on the rock. Landscape like Afghan on CNN except without Terry Taliban.

    When I finaly got there..Wooo Hoo ! A nice big horse shoe bay set into the 80ft cliff with reef at the sides and sand in the middles.

    Waves were fat and slack and for a while I was the only one in (rest were sticks). Then once I started to catch a few I had the bad luck to have to share my spot with a local hottie, bodysurfing...in just her knicks :¬>

    Stayed in for 2 hours and it just got mushier. But was elated to have a sesh since ten days ago.

    Cortillo Day 14.

    Final day before catching the flight home in the evening.

    The break was all sand with the odd rock to ruin your day. Waves again were sketchy but my surf magnet abilities brought some waves which I could actually drop into.

    As per usual when people see me catch a few they all throng around. Upside was they were Kook sticks from a school so didn't realy bother me.

    Was good to drop into the pit again, look down the wave (1-2secs) but still missing that first real cover-up after all this time.

    Again a few firsts for me. First time ever in just boardies & rasher (bit chilly after 1hr) and first time without fin sox ever! Most odd but bless my Pods, no rubs. Oh and first time sponging with bikini bottomed totty.hheheh


    As a surf destination the beaches are great. Lots of room for all, golden sand and usually good swell (I ignore my bad luck). Correlejo is the biggest spot on the map that end of the island and a good base to work from. You have breaks within 10 mins drive East coast, 20 mins North shore and Cortillo 20-25 mins away. Its also better if you're dragging groms and family like me.

    I wouldn't recomend Cortillo to stay at as its a bit of a one horse town and must be twinned with Beruit or Baghdad. Not realy much there for a family holiday except good choice of surf breaks.

    The Locales everywhere were all very friendly and we all bantered a bit in the mush. Seems spongers and sticks live side by side although I did feel a bit of tension from the gringo's on sticks.

    The common enemy were the kite boarders and windsurfers. Despite the break full with boogers and sticks they still hooned in amongst us. Ok they were mindfull of us but not comforting to see coming at you full speed let alone a stick.

    My surf cam had a wobbler and formatted two disks but I do have some pics to post and will get my act together soon. Bad news was the beach chick pics were the ones to get wiped. Doh!!

    Hasta luago amigos.
  17. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    East Coast 10 mins from Corrolejo.

    Glass Beach[​IMG]

    Fall Beach.


    N.West Coast

    Cortillo in the back ground.


    Like I said. Dull in both senses of the word. Sunnier ones to come.




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  18. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    A very off road ride South of Cortillo.



    Last day in Cortillo (pics wiped of best surf Doh!) Four of these were stooging about dog fighting. Quite impressive.


    I turned to a Uk stick and said:

    "Reminds me of when I was in Nam"

    We both then hollered "Charlie dont surf!"

    Probably the best way to get about to all the breaks.

    "You exschpect me to talk?"

    "No Mr Bond...I expect you to FLY"




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  19. Hey guys.. I have just returned from a sponger trip in Fuerte and I can seriously recommend it! The waves are pretty consistent and after a winter here in the UK the water temp is a dream.

    I did find Cotillo crazy busy with surf schools but apart from that the locals and surfers had been pretty friendly. So much variety in wave types so there is something for everyone.

    I am going to plan a cheeky trip in the winter months as I hear the North shore road is pretty crazy.
  20. green802

    green802 Pro Rider


    you want to go South down the Dirt track from Cortillo till you pass a "white" house. Just on from there is esquinzo. Its a horseshoe bay and worth an extra 1ft of swell.

    Due to the terrain being like Afghan with the taliban most Jo public stay away apart from dedicated surfers & naturists.

    The North is as easy to get to all along there suicides & light house to name two.

    Post pics next time eh?.....Surfers not naturists. :¬/

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