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    This again was a compromise holiday and a great one at that , ever wanted to do china and visit the great wall? and go surfing at the same time well you can now thanks to an emerging surf culture on the southernmost chinese island of hainan.

    Boasting day time temperatures of 30+ degrees and water temperatures of around 25 degrees C this is a raw surf location for those wanting a relaxing surf with minimal crowds, sometimes you could be the only one in the plonk.

    Hainan is the most consistent surf location in china and Riyue bay is the winter time surf location of the island boasting a left point break when its on and it was on pity I had to leave on that day but happy I scored when I was there.

    The locals are awesome and welcoming as they rarely see a white monkey surfing with them and it feels good to be the only boady boarder one local even commented that he had never seen anyone in fins before.

    Opposite the hotel was a great place that barbequed see food and meat on the edge of the beach for minimal cash and served cold bevvies.

    Based at Riyue bay is the head quarters of surfing hainan where Brendan sheridan an ex pat american teaches chinese to surf , enclosed in the building is a great seafood resteraunt with live fresh fish ready to be tossed in the cooker at your request.

    The good news is the two air companies that get you there allow body boarding bags on for free they are air hainan and lufthansa , I took two boards , fins socks suits etc dont take the mick and you wont get stung .

    If your thinking of taking the missus out for that compromise holiday check out hainan and surfing hainan google for website.






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  2. green802

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    Pics look great. Certainly somewhere different to think about. Just how far is it from the Great Wall ? Car, Bus, Train or Plane ?

    My missus & I are planning a "hop round the block" and the Great Wall is on her list of places to see. Myself I'm being more selfish for surf destinations as we go clockwise around the block.

    Oh one other thing..Sharks / Godzilla ?

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  3. Lasto

    Lasto Grom

    Am moving to China in the new year - on the East coast though near Korea. Got my board, fins n wet suit all packed for essential trips to the South Coast :D
  4. Spongedup

    Spongedup Local Charger

    Just moved house sorry for the late reply virgin decided to cut me off early and i`m still waiting for a sky engineer 3 weks now!! logged on at work.

    Mr green its a fair treck from beijiing fella but if you have the cash its a fairly cheap internal flight , i would recommend hiring a translator as china is extremly safe you get no violent crimes robberies etc but the odd dodgy bloke pretending tobe a tour guide or cabbie may try to rip you off and charge extra , a good point to note is if they approach you and offer you something they are normally dodgy just wave them away.

    Hainan is the southern most tip of china you will need a flight to get to it , its an awesome place but you would need a tour guide or someone with previous knowledge of the area to get the most out of the trip if your on facebook send me a pm then you can look at all my piccs it truly was a beautiful place.

    No sharks for two reasons 1. chinese kill and eat them on sight 2. hainan luckily has shark nets surrounding the island (surf on!!)

    Water is the hottest I have experienced world wide so pack the board shorts. and dont forget a snorkle and mask incase its flat , the sea is teeming with edible crabs the locals will bbq for you.

    I myself will be quitting UK in about 5 years and most probably bogging off to china to teach english with board and fins in hand . I will however have to settle for Qingdao as my missus cant handle the Hainan heat.

    Any advice , need a trip planning or need hooking up with hotel or locals let me know
  5. Spongedup

    Spongedup Local Charger

    Lasto what you going there for work ?

    Let me know where you go to as I`m still negotiating where we are going to live (it has to be near the coast and have rideable waves!), I have heard of spots near to Shanghai that work well but to be honest Qingdao is not as consistent as Hainan but still seems pretty good and its near her relatives in Dandong.

    If you go to hainan and Riyue bay look out for the body board Hq stickers that are slapped about the place in strange locations twas me...
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  6. Lasto

    Lasto Grom

    Spongedup - I am a manager - electircal marine engineer, the company I worked for has recently gone into liquidation - so I have got a new job doing the same for a Company in China. Little different I know. Going there for a 3 month trial to see what it's like - if it's Ok will be shipping the family over too.

    WIll be based in Yantai - there is a coastline which gets some waves not too far down the coast - cheap train trip away.

    Just waiting for my visa - should be back this week - will be booking my flight for this Sunday.
  7. Spongedup

    Spongedup Local Charger

    I have done a fair bit of research on the surf in that area your mainly looking at typhoon generated swells , September onwards is the most consistent and the great news is with these wind swells you get neat clean waves that form up nicely . I dont think it will pack too much of a punch that high up and a train ride south to dalian would be needed.

    I like the trains in china (apart from the toilets) you will find the staff run past selling noodles , ice cream and more importantly beer !! and its dirt cheap.

    If you go out make sure to download PLECO its a free translating app that actually verbalises the texts you type good for those awkward moments.

    Your taking a huge leap going out at least I have my own personal translator as my missus is local to north china , if you get stuck let me know mate I can help out for most things . Please take photos of Qingdao and the surf as its my game plan in 5 yrs to go out there. If your still there we could show the locals what body boarding is all about and apparently there is an awesome hot pot place for grub on the boardwalk by the beach.

    Go on the tinterweb and look for pimsleurs chinese lessons , a savvy search on torrent and you can download it for free , Im currently learning mandarin from it.

    Good luck with it report in , make sure you get your butt to Hainan you will be impressed. probably see you out there any issues text me

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