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Discussion in 'How To...' started by chrisbirks, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. chrisbirks

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    Hey, I've come to plug my new board and I prefer to offset it to the right, however, its got a double stringer and suggests plugging straight through the middle. Has anyone plugged their board to the left/right or can suggest a distance to keep from the stringer?

  2. Fossil

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    Hi mate, i would phone BBHQ and ask them for a dimension. Tell them what board you have and they will know where the stringers are. I have a double stringered NMD Base and my plug is offset to the left.

  3. Chriscmoss

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    Hi buddy. I find the best way to locate the stringers is to wait till its dark and then hold the board directly over a lamp. The light wil shine through the board and reveal their locations. Then just mark the board where you want the leash plug and your sorted.
  4. green802

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    Double stringered Base ??? !!

    I'd never of thought. Either you're ripping it in BIGGG drops or on a bit of weight maybe..? :¬P


    Base 42 PE Cres

    Single Stringer

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