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Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by Plugus Maximus, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Plugus Maximus

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    If I have a hotmail or gmail account. Is is possible to set up an alert system so that when a message arrives in the inbox (from a specific sender maybe) that it forwards an alert, but not the whole message to another email account? Even I could customise the forwarding message to say what ever I want, such as 'Alert' for example? Help me geeks please! :confused:
  2. stupha

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    This is how I would do it...

    In gmail, set up a filter so that the incoming email with whatever search criteria you want, get labelled with something specific - like "alert!" or whatever.

    Then, using the genius that is, get that to check your gmail account for any new emails with that particular "alert!" label, then get it to generate whatever kind of notification you want, wherever you want it - could be another email, an SMS, twitter, whatever.

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