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Discussion in 'Travel' started by green802, Jan 30, 2012.

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    Anyone surfed Durban S.A ?

    Currenlty "doing my homework" as a possible abroad mission of Durban set for mid-March.

    Durban has a good BB community I read up and with warm India Ocean waters of 25deg's (in March ?) it looks more promising than the cold Cape. Shark wise they have nets and fatalites have been zero since the 80's.

    Two choices of accomodation in Durban are Central, Golden mile or Mhalanga Rocks to the North.

    Apollogies to any Durban'ites but I gotta ask about the crime/driving/safety there. I'm sure a lot of it is just bad press. My lady who visits S.A (Cape & Jo' B) regularly just loves the country and is eager for us to go.

    Any nuggets of info greatly received.
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    Yes, and absolutely loved it. North beach was sick and had several sessions there at up to double overhead. And there was a Nandos by the beach when you were done. There are a few other town beachies that were good as well, but I'm crap with names.

    Mhalanga was basically where I stayed, my mates mum had an amazing villa above Shark Alley, so pretty close to Mhalanga. Wasn't a big fan of the wave there, but only had it a few times, either double overhead and a hell of a paddle or small and slack. Also, not a lot of fun to paddle out when it's big and look up to see one of the shark net buoys 50 yds away is thrashing about as the net has something big and pissed off attached to it.

    Had a lot of fun in town at night, but I don't remember a lot of it (it was 11 years ago and beers were about R5). Crime wasn't an issue in Durban for me. I was with guys who lived there and knew where was cool, although a week before I arrived a father and daughter were shot in a carjacking less than a mile from my mates place in a really nice area. I loved the car parking. Pull up on the side of the street, pay the guy a couple of Rand and he will beat anyone who tries messing with your car. Don't pay and he may well empty it. I got a bit of a shock when I was downtown on my own and went to the cashpoint. Found the back and there was a foyer full of cashpoints. Stood by the entrance was a massive guy (think Marcellis Wallace) with something like an M60. Not like getting cash from Barclays in Hayle.

    If I ever go back to SA, I'll just stay in Durban. It's warmer than most areas, has nets so I don't sit there waiting to get eaten (first surf without nets in the Transkeii, a 12ft shark hassled us), the waves are sick, I had no trouble at all (got a load of stuff nicked in Jbay) and you don't need a car to get from where you are staying to the waves.
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    Many thanks for that. Stoking news although the "something pi$$ed off thrashing around in the nets" does make me twitch.

    As for my mate Plugus. Yeah thanks sponge-wingman....I think :¬P

    KBV you mentioned The Sardine Run. I googled this:

    The Greatest Shoal on Earth, as it has been named, sees thousands of visitors flock to the KwaZulu Natal east coast to witness the annual migration of millions of sardines. Hundreds of thousands of dolphins, sharks, whales and seabirds follow the impressive body of sardines as they move along the coast.

    Fortunately this is to be confirmed as from June-July 2012.

    The big shoal attracts all marine life, dolphins, seabirds and guess what...yeah.

    Added to this the authorites pull in the shark nets (to help the marine life & fishermen) and ban all water activities during the Sardine Run season.

    More nuggets like KBV's greatly received. :¬)
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    I went to Durban a few years back in Feb on my own and it is a great place for sponging. I stayed in a hostel called Ansteys on Durban Bluff (near Cave Rock) and had good waves all the time (think they have a website). It was a few miles out the city but hired a car and surfed the main city waves a lot. Didnt even think it got that crowded cos there are a lot of peaks around. And yer Nandos etc are perfect. If it gets massive try surfing down by the aquarium near the port where it will be less hectic. Tried to ignore anything shark related and just asked the locals who were super cool. Tried to ignore the total nutters walking around town and never went out with anything valuable. Like Kernow said, cashpoints and parking are pretty unique. Have a go bodyboarding on the arteficial wave at the big shopping complex, it is really awesome. Have an awesome trip!
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    Cheers buddy. Stonking info there.

    Mission is about six weeks away now and yet to be booked (It's all left to my lady as its her job that brings the oppertunity).

    TBH I was getting slightly cold feet, more about the land-sharks than the water ones. However my Dolly's back tonight and your news pokes the stoke to "boldy go where.."

    Just unsure where to stay. Either town center, the port area as you say is good for beginers ie my lady. Or Uhmlanga rocks slightly to the North, bigger swells with less hussle & bussle and gucci'er hotels.


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    Say hi to good old curbs fo

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