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  1. Hi people,

    At first I have to say that English is not my first languaje so I apologize for any fault while writing this post.

    I am a bodyboarder from the Basque Country, and in September I'm living in Belfast for one year more or less (that's the reason I registered in this forum:)).


    Our flag in the beatiuful cliffs of somewhere Ireland :)

    The aim of this post is showing my country and its waves to you. I think that it's an unknown place for many people, and there are world-class waves very near to you (less than 2h by plane London-Bilbao). Water temperature goes from 12º in February to 21º in August, and the best swells are in the period between October-March.

    So I will try to show you some of the waves that we have and some great places. :cool:


    Our best wave for bodyboarders. Very powerful and dangerous reef slab.


    Powerful beachbreak, strong barrels. Mostly bodyboarders.



    Big wave, very dangerous reef wave, only experienced surfers.



    Big beach with many different waves, some years ago the IBA world tour stopped here.



    Big and dangerous reef wave, only skilled riders.


    I continue in the next post.
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    The best lefty wave in Europe. Awesome and heavy barrels. It's a dangerous wave due to its power, I do not recommend to newbies.






    Big beach with many different waves. All levels.



    Big wave. Only crazy bodyboarders... :D



    Beachbreak in the beautiful city Donostia-San Sebastian.


    And much more spots to discover... I hope you enjoy this post and do not hesitate to ask any question! I hope you all visit this land... I'm sure you'll love it!

  3. Wattie187

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    Looks pretty sweet chief, may have to book myself a flight :)
  4. green802

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    Great pics there. are you working for the Spanish tourist board ?

    We have a lady in our building who's from Northern Spain and highly rates this area for surf. Pic's she has shown us are tempting.

    Thanks for sharing :¬)
  5. Hi there, I'm not working for anybody haha just wanted to show my surfing area. Now living in Belfast and quite depressed about the weather and waves...


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