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Discussion in 'How To...' started by Hels, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. Hels

    Hels Grom

    Anyone else had inflamed shoulder tendons? It's coming up for 4 months out of the water and not really improving. Doc just says keep on with the ibuprofen and try not to strain it. Meanwhile upper-body fitness is almost gone. Are there such things as bodyboarding -friendly sports physios? Any advice? Please?
  2. boardeze

    boardeze Grom

    hi probably have but have u tried going 2 a chiropractor or osteapath costly i know but worth it if u can afford it.
  3. Hels

    Hels Grom

    Yes, that's who diagnosed inflamed tendons. Doctor just went along with the osteopath's opinion ....Feel I need to do some relevant but safe exercise to get me going again.

    By the way, thanks for responding so quickly!
  4. Goffy

    Goffy Grom

    Hiya, whereabouts are you? I can put you on to a really good sports physio in Cheltenham if that's not too far away? He helped me back to fitness after two hip resurfacing operations!!
  5. Hels

    Hels Grom

    I'm actually only 15 miles from Chelt -small world! Tell me more, please.
  6. kev2o

    kev2o Local Charger

    Sounds like your doctor is a muppet, 'keep taking tablets' and not referring you for some kind of physio is just crap to be honest. I would change your gp.

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