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  1. Wattie187

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    So had a great evening out on the surf, but at one point collided with a stand up as we both caught the wave at the same time and neither of us could get out of the way in time. All good natured, apolgies etc. and no one was hurt. But when I got out of the water it seems that the fin of his board connected with my rail, putting a bit of a slice into it.

    Any advice on how to repair it? If left unrepaired will it soak up water or are PE cores celled?

    Cheers for any help here.

  2. KernowBysVyken

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  3. Wattie187

    Wattie187 Hand Dragger

    Excellent, cheers for the response.

    Will let the board dry out, and get some Sponge Rez.


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