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Discussion in 'How To...' started by Glenn103, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. Glenn103

    Glenn103 Grom

    So what does everyone do with their car keys when they head down to the water? Do you lock the car and leave them/take them with you? Or just leave it unlocked with the keys hidden inside? If you take them with you, where do you keep them? My wettie's got a wee pouch on the inside of the ankle for a key but I'm reluctant to trust it. Any horror stories in regards to that?

  2. miken

    miken Pro Rider

    never had a problem with the wetsuit key pockets. get one of these if your concerned about where to put your key tho. hear so many storys of peoples cars getting nicked these days from people putting them in the wheel arch. well worth just spending a little bit of money to keep them safe.
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  3. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    I just get a basic key cut that locks the car, then leave your immobiliser key in the car. Take the basic key in the water with it hung on a lace around your neck.
  4. Plugus Maximus

    Plugus Maximus Underground Ripper

    On my old Bodyglove suit it had a key pocket inside the back zip and it worked a treat. On my new Alder there is no pocket, but I've got a leash that you can stick a key in the arm band. Failing that you could look at one of these:
  5. CymruGirl

    CymruGirl Hand Dragger

    Most modern car keys are full of electronic gismos for electric remote locking so I got one of these keypadlocks - never had any trouble with people trying to get into it. I put it on my tow hook. I doubt it will stop the serious car thief but it certainly will put them off. Also, in the winter months, I often take my dogs down to the beach as well - they sure as hell work very very well as detterrents.
  6. Dave

    Dave Local Charger

    Same.. never let me down!
  7. neilc

    neilc El Floppo King

    if you dont want to get a key cut though that is a good idea, i put my key inside a rubber glove the thin ones that nurses mechanics etc use and rap it in it then in the key pouch been fine for me.
  8. cyberfella

    cyberfella El Floppo King

  9. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    Like Matty says,

    Get a basic key cut and trust your wetsuit key pocket.

    Ripcurl E-Bomber has a leg pocket with a very flexible elastic key leash. Also the zip has to work against gravity to un-do ie upwards.

    Top tip: Lube (oo-err) the key with a dab WD40. I left mine in the pocket over the weekend after washing out and it started to rust up real quick.

    Option 2:

    I also got one of those hang round the neck seal-tight key-fob bags. They do work as I have left my mobi in one whilst hoofing over the moors & tors in the p!$hing down.

    However when sponging with it hung my round my neck, I got a nice key shaped bruise on my sternum where the board kept battering against me.

    So stick with option 1.
  10. miken

    miken Pro Rider

    you all realise that getting a spare cut and leaving your keys in the car means that if someone steals it its not insured. i do it myself and lock the keys in the glove box but wouldnt advise someone to do it. apparently those key pods are shit and pretty easy to break into, either that or there are good thieves in wales as people have had their cars stolen from using them.
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  11. Plugus Maximus

    Plugus Maximus Underground Ripper

    The way to do it I guess is to leave the remote/electric fobs at home and just take the spare. I must admit I lock my electric jobby in the car though.
  12. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Granted, but I don't exactly leave them hanging from the rear view mirror!
  13. Glenn103

    Glenn103 Grom

    The spare key idea sounds ok but what if you lose your spare in the water? I really don't want to be smashing into my car to get the original locked inside. Probably would be left with no choice though and at the end of the day, it's certainly better than leaving your car unlocked with the key hidden inside. I'm always finding myself in the water trying to peer back to where my car's parked to see if it's still there. Usually I find that in the few seconds it takes, when I turn back a huge slab of water/uncontrolled surfer/fishing trawler is just about to collide with my face.

    I'm thinking of attaching the spare key around my wrist with some para-cord and securing it inside my wettie sleeve (wearing gloves this time of year for more security too). Doesn't get around the issue of insurance though.

    Cheers for all the advice fellas anyway, most handy.
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  14. curlz51

    curlz51 Grom

    I use an aquapac ( which works fine. (Been used in some serious wipeout action) and I have never had a problem. Also it's big enough to get your keys in and a credit card (I leave my wallet at home) + a tenner if your surfing some remote reef that doesn't have a convient cash point near by, ;) so if your car does get broken into, at least they don't have your credit card as well.

    I loop it round my neck, and under my arm, so it ends up in my armpit, and you don't really feel it there at all. Just put it on the otherside to the side that you normally carry your board it is fine. £10 is only a few quid more than a dummy key, but at least you are insured...
  15. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    If your suit gets ripped off and the key comes off from around your neck, getting into your car is going to be the least of your worries!
  16. gowersponger

    gowersponger Local Charger

    aquapacs? ordered one yesterday hope they are as good as they sound and dont push against the body to hard inside the wetsuit.
  17. laowes

    laowes El Floppo King

    used to put an aquapack round my neck and have it sit on my back, out of the way then when sponging. I remember once I used a key slot in my wetsuit and after we got out it wasn't there. Shitting ourselves for half an hour we were running up and down the beach looking for it, I double checked my wetsuit and found it resting in the buttock region, my mate was not impressed!
  18. Glenn103

    Glenn103 Grom

    Those Aquapac things look pretty nifty, but surely you've got to feel it rubbing under your armpit? Either that or you end up with one pretty betty aquapac! I don't reckon I'd be too cool with something round my neck either, that's got to be asking for some asphyxiating trouble???

    Good shout on the cash though, although you need some proof of ID for the loan you'll need to take out if you're after a warm pasty at Putsborough. Yep, I went there!
  19. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    Aquapak's ,Yup they're good alright. A good buy.

    As stated previously. Hung around the neck the key will bash a nice bruise on your sternum but all will stay dry (inc the foldy cash). So sliding it elsewhere inside might help.
  20. gowersponger

    gowersponger Local Charger

    thinking maybe on the out side of my thigh with the cord tied to my shorts just in case, not as if it could slide out the bottom of my leg any way:cool:

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