Cape Verde?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by KernowBysVyken, Jan 14, 2014.

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    Not been on here for a fair while, lots of things on, one of them being an impending marriage. Due to that, we're looking at honeymoons for next Christmas and we're looking for somewhere that suits both of us. We both want (her more than me in fairness) somewhere that is a nice all inclusive hotel, outside of Europe and not somewhere we have been before (not mainland US or SA) and a budget of £3k for 10/14 days.

    At the moment, we've just been to a travel agent and had a quick look online as the travel agent was 90% useless. We were hoping for Hawaii, but so far it looks too expensive. Indo is a possibility, but looking too expensive for a pimp hotel. Brazil looks like a possibility. The only useful one the travel agent came up with was Cape Verde. Properly nice (5*) hotel, all inclusive and things to keep her happy, but I'm wondering about things that will keep me happy (other than unlimited rum at the bars). I've heard a bit about the surf there, but have any of you guys been? Everything I've seen says it's very windy, but can be very good. Heard of Ponte Preta, but other than that I'm a bit blank.
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    I've been told by some booger mates in Portugal, many of whom go there during the winter a bit like the Oz invasion of Indo. S'pose to have a lot of heavy reef breaks, very consistent as open to the best/worst the Atlantic has to throw at the islands.

    Apparently more like the backwaters of Indo as not that touristy outside the main islands of Sal and Sao Vicente. Boa Vista is supposed to have lots of beach breaks and a bit more shelter but Punta Preta is supposed to be classic and is always the first spot they mention when talking about the Islands. These are locals at Supertubos and surf smaller days 10 - 20 footers at Nazare so they know their beachbreaks

    Culture wise a bit like Angola former Portuguese colony with a mix of Portuguese and African. Great seafood and that's coming from guys who live near a fish factory and who's staple diet is fish so can't be to bad in my books.

    I've fancied it myself for a while now so if you go please add info in the international section on here.

    Hope that helps

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