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Discussion in 'Travel' started by janner, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. janner

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    Right, well its the missus' birthday december and she wants to go on holiday so ..... I thought it would be a great idea to go somewhere where she can sit on the beach and top up her tan... While i get a weeks surfing....BOOM!

    Can anyone recommend anywhere with sun, sand and surf in either december, january or february?

    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated:)
  2. lwills

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    May be worth checking out the canary islands. I was in Gran Canaria in December a few years ago and the waves were epic. It was sunny too but not blazing. If you time it right you may catch the Fronton final of the IBA world tour too :)
  3. KernowBysVyken

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  4. Spongedup

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    Sardinia worked well for me full of italian charm , ace wine and beer , fresh seafood and espresso to sort out the hangover in the morning.

    Make sure its winter/spring season for them and you have to hire a car and be ready to discover your own breaks.
  5. janner

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    Thanks alot guys, Canary islands looking good, always wanted to go, any idea when the Fronton final is?

    Can you recommend a location or hotel, ideally close to a good break. Looks like we prob going during kids half term which i think is in February.

    Anyone have any idea the costs involved for travelling with board bag etc?
  6. lwills

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    Just checked on the IBA site now, it's on a bit earlier this year - 11th to 22th November. I went on one of Rob Barbers trips and it was awesome :) We stayed toward the North of the Island, where as most of the more touristy bits are down South. It depends on what sort of waves you're comfortable in tbh but there were quite a few beaches with some good waves, one of the largest was La Cicer which was cool. You could always stay down south and head up there for not too much, there were a few good board shops near by that are worth a look. (Link Store was really good, they had a load of the pros doing a signing for the groms one night) Oh and there's a bloody great big shopping centre nearby to keep your wife and kids busy too :)

    Then there's the heavier Confital if you really know your stuff and even the huge Fronton! Do an image search on Google/MSW on those 2 and you'll see what I mean... We watched from the cliffs when they did the final at Fronton and it's as breath taking as it is brutal. There's not a chance in hell I'd be getting in there!

    I can't remember exactly but me and a mate stuffed 2 boards, 2 wetties, 4 fins and all the rest of kit into one bag and it cost us about 30 quid as a sports item I think? Normal bags were £25 any way so it wasn't a huge surcharge.

    Hope that helps dude :)
  7. Canary Islands are epic this time of year - Warm water, nice sun, good atmos and nice beers. I have just returned from Fuerteventura and it was very cool and cannot imagine how awesome it would be in December,

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